Turkey, a beautiful country; joy, fun, happiness and a journey that never ends.  An impressive and blinding destination that mount both the continents Asia and Europe, so the country sustains culture from both the continent. It’s a lively culture; it offers famous food and a great history, with the wonderful landscapes from Mediterranean to the mountains. Turkey is one of the major destinations for tourists in the entire world, full of impressive ancient monuments, stunning scenery and historical legacy. Here you can explore about Turkey and its famous holiday destinations, alluring coastlines, cultural festivals and happening events. In this article there are some sensational pictures and unforgettable experience. Below are some destinations that you could visit while visiting Turkey.


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Pamukkale means “cotton castle”, place in Turkey just like a fairy-tale, one of the natural wonders of Turkey. Pamukkale is popular for its white travertine and hot temperature in springs. Waterfalls down the slope look like a snowfield surrounding the green landscapes.  The scenic view of Pumukkale and the warmness of its hot spring surely win the heart of any tourists. Travertines are most outstanding feature of Turkey, the vast and garrulous ruins of Roman Hierapolis, a former spa town located on top of hill of calcite giving traveller another reason to visit. Pamukkale is famous for its natural beauty; as a result it is transformed into Turkey’s leading mineral bath spa. You can spend your day in great Roman Theater, enjoying its natural beauty, unique Archaeological museum. An advice for the wonderful photographs, you should come at dust when travertines are glowing as sun is sinking.


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The massive ruins, marble columned roads and huge monuments of Ephesus could not be missed. Walking along the streets of this former Greek city, one would be astonished by the glory and the finesse this city possesses. Ephesus is one of the cities of Mediterranean region that is most complete and standing still. This place is simply an experience of life and chance to know what life was during the golden ages of Roman Empire. Ephesus has one of the seven wonders of the past world called Temple of Artemis. It is believed that Ephesus is the place where the Gospel of John was written. Ephesus is popular for its huge theaters, impressive Celcus Library and the Temple of Hadrian. Ephesus is on the list of most searched cities of the world, full of historical past, in existence since the Neolithic Age. The land of great history does not need more introductions to be tagged as Turkey’s most famous tourist attractions or even of the entire world. Houses in Turkey make it even more famed.

If you are planning a sightseeing trip in Ephesus it will take you around 12 hour at least a half day to visit major high points. If you want to see Ephesus properly and fully you need to plan a trip in which you don’t feel rushed.


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Cappadocia is another charming and naturally fabricated landscape, it offers lot of travellers and whoever visit Cappadocia is thrilled by the surreal, descend rock valley

is a dream place for photographers. Personification of landscapes like a fairy tales.  Cliff rims and hill peaks are home to ruffling panoramas of rocks and pinnacles that have been formed by water and wind actions. This place deserves respect and it has earned after million years of natural fabrications that involves several erosions and frequent volcanoes, which made it a perfect place for pictures. Famous star war movie’s first part was shot here too. The fact about this place is it offers a phenomenal opportunity of hot air ballooning. If you are not fond of hiking or you are not in that mood for some reason at that time this is yours place you can take hot air balloon ride. Cappadocia is one of the world’s top most destinations for hot air balloons. This city is famous for its lunar-scape you can enjoy this and the churches of Byzantine Era nestled in these valleys. This place was also an important site of early Christens. In this city it is really worth to wake up early as you can only then catch the sunrise while flying over the magical landscape and picturesque landscape.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

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Istanbul was the capital of the Roman Empire named as Constantinople, the largest and the most beautiful city of Turkey. Istanbul forms country culturally, economically and historically, it is positioned along the historic silk route according to plan. Blue Mosque also known as The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the most reputed and most visited landmark with a great history. Mosque’s walls are covered with blue tiles decorating the walls and its interior which also reminds of the Ottoman Power hence called ‘Blue Mosque’. Istanbul is famous for its Grand Bazar, world’s oldest and largest market. Istanbul has wide range of mosques, ruins and museums to offer to travelers. You could never get bored while in Istanbul and you would never be short of to do things in Istanbul, this city is simply an introduction to Turkish culture.


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If you are looking for alluring beaches and faraway resorts then this swarming Mediterranean hub offers something to its visitors. Antalya is your place to visit if you want to see spectacular scenery and ostentatious beaches. There are two most attractive beaches for summer and is a charm for holidaymakers from and across Europe. Antalya is a fun place where you can swim sail go for hiking and do mountain climbing, it is also a perfect place to visit if you like to see ruins. The old town is in the center of the main Town, with its cobblestone pathway bordered noisy Ottoman-era mansions and it is a great place to explore. The Museums of Antalya is famous for amazing collection of Roman and Hellenistic marble statuary. There are lots of attractions outside the town even from Aspendos and Perge, making this place amazing to explore.

Aya Sofya

Aya Sofya
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Aya Sofya is famed for its beautiful buildings, Aya Sofya Museum has a wonderful glory of spellbinding Byzantine and this Museum is not the attractive thing to do in only Istanbul, but all over Turkey. Astonishing bulk of its exterior is decorated by pretty minarets put on after the Ottoman Conquest; the lavish and vast wall paintings interior is a reminder of the old Constantinople’s strength and power. This famous monument is a must see place for every visitor in Turkey. Without visiting this place your tour could never be completed.


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With the Mediterranean coastline, for every different type of sun worshiper there is a beach in Turkey. Patara is almost covered with sand, here you can find many places along the shoreline where you can relax and are away from noisy and crowd places. On the other side of sand there are huge ruins of ancient Patara, included arcaded streets and theater for 5000 people. You can had your swimming here, you can take sunbath, can enjoy sandy activities, sand heap wands and the leftovers of this Lycian city. You can easily reach to Patara from Kas as well as Fethiye.


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This town is a place to simply turn the streets and praise the old world tenor. Safranbolu is famoun and renowned for its traditions sweets and beautiful crafts work and you can pick souvenir from different shops which are decorated and are very cute. Safranbolu is Turkey’s place where Ottoman town is preserved well and it is a wonderful photogenic place. There are wooden mansions of ancient times and now they are transformed into hotels, restaurants and boutiques. Kure Mountains are really good place for hiking and for outdoor activities located near Pinaribasi, turkey’s wilderness area. It is not a developed area so if you are a beginner hiker it is not your type of place. Kasaba Mosque is a famous place to visit in Safranbolu, it is fully made of wood, immensely decorated with floral motifs. One more famous place in Safranbolu is Bulak Caves in the north 10KM away. Many schools trips are planned and these caves get busy with the school children especially in the month of September so if you are here in this month try to visit early. This is fabulous place for road tripping


pergamon temple
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Turkey has plenty of ruins of Greco-Roma, it was home of important libraries of ancient world. Remnants Temples of Pergamum now preside on the hilltop. It has wonderful panoramic views from the top of the hill side with an Acropolis area; it is atmospheric place to travel. You can also get cable cars five kilometer away from the modern town. Most noticeable feature is theater with 15000 seats, this is great place to see if you want to enjoy the real life of Roman Era. Asclepion Area of Pergamum is 2KM uphill hike when going from Bergama’s modern town. This ancient spa was flourished in 2nd century AD as a healing center, they treated people with mud bath and herbal remedies. Pergamum has a tiny Bozcaada Island with alluring beaches; it is a paradise for sun-worshipers. This is a perfect place to come and relax. Alacati village in Pergamum is Turkey’s sophisticated holiday destination, it is dime store hotel with a rapidly growing foodie scene.  The pleasing resorts, traditional houses of stones in this village are restaurants and cafes. You must visit this place, this place should be on the top in your to-do list.

Cruising the Mediterranean

cruise and mediterranean Turkey
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Turkeys’s Mediterranean has many glorious ruins and other things to do but people usually seek these Mediterranean only to soak up sun and enjoy coastal views. Cruising is the main attraction for tourists, ‘Blue Cruise’is one of the popular activity in turkey for tourists.

Turkish Food

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Now at the end after all the Turkey attractions we have gone through now lets gorge ourselves with the Turkish Cuisine one of the world’s famous cuisines. Turkish cuisine is the refinement and fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Balkan and Mediterranean cuisines. This cuisine is a tropical blend of various cuisines, Turkey offers every meal as a Barbecue Opportunity. According to the people of the nation and findings, people usually love to carry their barbecue grills whenever they are going out for picnic so where ever they go they can grill the meat and enjoy eating. There is a restaurant in Turkey known as Kendin Pisir, Kendi ye meaning cook it yourself, eat it yourself as the whole restaurant has theme of Barbecue and you have to cook yourself. Restaurant will provide you with barbecue Grill which will be pre heated and a tray of ray meat, rest you have to do yourself. It’s a great fun and experience.


This is what Turkey actually is, even it is more than this. We explored Turkey and its beautiful places, still not complete yet. So many words still in mind and experience to share but in simple words Turkey offers a good life nothing else with beautiful and unforgettable memories. Just plan your vacations to Turkey. These were some recommendations that can help you in planning your trip to Turkey. Hope you enjoy your Trip!


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