Best 35 Tips For Traveling

Traveling is a day way to take a break from your boring daily routine, traffic, social media buzzes and day to day chaos at work place. It is important to plan your trip properly to make sure that you have a thrilling and adventures trip otherwise it can lead to a lot of stress. We have outlined the best 35 tips for traveling which can make your trip more exciting and amazing.

1.  Book Your Tickets & Plan To Travel

You should know what season to book your tickets & plan to travel i-e when fares are low and deals are available on your traveling (expenses / tickets) offers are available for hotels and look for coupons discounts etc. This way you can save a lot of money which can be spent on traveling to other countries or extending your trip.

2.  Utilize The Points

Utilize the points given to you from your bank / credit card company I-e American express gives you points and at the end of the year you can avail these points by using them to book airline tickets do shopping book hotels, resorts etc.

3.  Consider The Ways of Transportation

When you are planning to travel to a new place don’t forget to consider the way of transportation. You should consider what are the best ways to travel in that specific country, which way of transportation is cheap and widely used. In a few countries such as turkey, people use the bus because they are very efficient. In some countries trains, bicycles are used most often.  if you are travelling to Pakistan / India and looking for ease in travel you should always prefer to travel by plane but if you want to have a close look at the local norms, culture legacy etc. you should always use a bus or train likewise if you are travelling to Malaysia the best if to book a cab using app the most famous there is a Grab taxi.

4.  Directly Contact Hotels

If you contact the hotels instead of using online apps and webs that would be save your money up to 20%. You can use these apps to compare prices so that you would get to know which best suits you. You can select one according to your budget. Some hotels offer discounts on specific days. You can get on your hands on such offers if you search about hotels online but contact the hotels directly for booking.

5.  Spend More Time In Fewer Places

Try to spend more time in fewer places rather then thinking of visiting different countries for less period of time. Constant packing, unpacking, visa, currency change, hotels exchange can burn a hole in your pocket. Its better if you explore a region rather then wanting to visit a lot of places in less time like 6 countries in weeks. Spending more time at one place will make to enjoy that place more and you will be stress free as well.


6.  Things Will Be Different

Don’t expect things to the way they are at your home. Travel with an open mind and expect to face new challenges and circumstances. You must try new food as well don’t be scared of trying a new food it might be really delicious. You will get to know about the new culture’s and will also experience new people and different traditions. Enjoy all these things as you get a chance to explore a new place.

7.  Plan The Trip

If you are planning a family trip then everyone should sit together and plan the trip properly you must be clear about how many days you want to spend at a particular place, what types of places you want to see e.g. historical architectural, natural scenery or either big cities plan according to that. A trip is successful and fun when every family member experience what they want to and enjoy in the new country.

8.  Talk To The Locals

A great way to get information about the place you are visiting, the famous cafés, restaurants, and what places to visit is to that you talk to the local people. They have a great knowledge about the place and they can guide you properly. You can always ask the bell boys at the hotel or the waiters at the restaurant to help you. They would love to guide you to help you have memoizable visit in their country.

9.  Learn The Basics of The Local Language

It is not necessary that the people of the country which you plan to visits speak fluent English. The shopkeepers may not be able to understand you and they are not deaf so speaking loudly would not be a good idea. Instead learn some basic language to avoid communication problems. e.g. in Saudi Arab mostly, people can hardly understand English and if you want to communicate without any problem then it is highly advised that you learn some local words. You can use a book or any App to learn some basic phrases of a particular country.

10.  Try The Free Things

If you are on a tight budget or want to save money while you are travelling then you must try some stuff which is free. Many things are free which offer great experiences such as walking through the streets of Venice or spending some time watching the sunset, climbing a mountain, going to a beach or a lake etc. You can try these things and they will give you wonderful memories to take back almost free of cost.

11.  Try Staying In Apartments or Airbnb

If you are traveling with your family and plan to stay for quite a lot of time at a place then staying in an apartment would be a better choice. You would have access to a kitchen where you can cook your own food. Separate room from the living area this is great if you are planning to travel with kids. Moreover, you can share the cost with another family such as any relative or friend’s family. This extra facility which is not available in hotels can make the trip more fun and relaxing.

12.  Fly Where The Deals Are Already

Some websites help you to find you great deals in different countries around the world such a Skyscanner is a great website to guide you about deals. Instead of spending a lot of time on searching for deals after deciding a destination it’s better to opt for places where already deals are going. This way you can save a lot of money and also your time and energy.

13.  Be Flexible

If you are on an extended trip then don’t pre-book things. You might hear about a lot of interesting places to visit and there are chances the places you have listed to visit may not turn out to be as good as you expected them to be. Pre-booking of restaurants, hotels, and flights can be a risky thing to go and change it is costly so you must have some flexibility in your itinerary. Never over plan things just go with a little flow so that you don,t have to regret later on.

14.  Blow Your Budget

If you are planning t visit a new county then if you have to slightly blow your budget. Do it to experience some amazing things and make wonderful lifelong memories. Do visit your favorite beach, stay at your dream hotel, visit places which you always wanted to, attend parties and concerts. Enjoy a meal at your favorites restaurant and shop what you love. Also try things such as scuba dive, horse riding, air balloon riding, skydiving etc. This all would give you incredible life experiences.

15.  Pack Some Food

Always pack some light snacks with you when you are traveling by bus, plane or even a train. This is especially going to be helpful if you are traveling with kids because on long trips children can get hungry and for that, the light snacks are a good option.

16.  Don’t Travel Without Travel Insurance

It is highly advisable to have a travel insurance. You might face circumstances such as canceling the trip unexpectedly, a hurricane might damage the destination you plan to visit. Your language can be stolen or your passport. Some countries are not very safe to travel and it is highly recommended to take travel insurance such as in America the medical is very expensive so medical insurance cans save you from going bankrupt. Other than that, travel insurance will give you a great deal of mental peace which is necessary when going on a trip.

17.  Pack Wisely

Don’t pack too many things and it is not easy o carry heavy bags. You can always purchase things from the country which you are planning to visit. Other than that pack clothes which are comfortable, loose fitting and which you can wear them on a daily basis when going to discover new places. Moreover, pack neutral clothes on which the dirt is not that visible and which can be worn in multiple combinations’ way you can avoid taking a lot of clothes with you.

18.  Pack According To The Destination

You should know about the weather in the place where you are going for vacations and pack according to that. Have some idea about the fashion trends of that particular country such as in America people mostly wear western. Remember to take a change of in your carry in, if your luggage doesn’t come on time then you will not have to face any major problem.

19.  Have Multiple Ways To Access Your Money

We all prefer having a convenient way to take out the money when traveling. You need to know about the requirements of the particular country which you are visiting. You must be clear whether you need a saving account or a checking account. In Thailand, you need to have a saving account to use Atm for taking out money. It is highly advised to use different means of accessing money such as credit card, debit card, cash etc.

20.  Use Credit Card Reward Points

Using credit card reward point to redeem for flights and accommodation is a great idea. Get as many points as you can and use them to pay for the groceries, hotel bills, eating out this way you would be able to get a lot of reward points. It’s a great idea to use reward cards for making payments. A great way is to make a debit from your checking account to pay off the balance on monthly basis. This way you can gather a lot of points and you would be able to travel again soon with the reward points.

21.  Wake Up Early In The Morning

Getting up early in the morning is a difficult thing to do for most of us. If you are on vacations and really want to enjoy your trip then get up in the morning go for a walk, relax in the tranquil and calm environment, watch the break taking sunrise, hear the sounds of birds and much more. If you have to travel or visit a few places then getting up can help you reach their quick by avoiding the chance of getting stuck in the traffic and mostly the places are not crowded in the morning. You can enjoy a succulent surrounding.

22.  Visit The Local Markets

If you truly want to discover a place then visit the local markets over there. You will get to know new things about that place such as their traditions, the food, clothes and much more. It is so much fun to explore these local markets and try different thing such as night markets in Asia are appealing to many tourists. Other than that in Thailand the local markets offer great quality thing at reasonable prices.

23.  Scan Your Important Documents And E-mail Them To Yourself

It is extremely important for you to keep copies of all the necessary documents. You must scan the documents and mail them to yourself so that in case of an emergency you can use them. If these documents are stolen you can use these copies to give a proof of your identity. This is vital for you to do this before traveling to avoid any problem if these documents are lost or stolen.

24.  Wear Sun Screen Every Day

It is highly recommended to wear a sunscreen. Mostly tourist is exposed to the sun a lot and even if you are at a place where the sun is not bright much still it is highly advisable to wear a sunscreen which will protect you from the harmful UV rays and skin cancer. Plus, it also helps in preventing aging so you must wear sunscreen even in winters to avoid any such skin problem.

25.  Bring Earplugs And Sleep Mask

When you are traveling you must keep in mind the noised that can disturb you while sleeping such as snorers in the dorm room, drunk backpackers. Moreover, if you are walking through the streets you will hear a lot of loud and uncomfortable noises such as those made at parties, and bars. If you want a good sleep you can use your earplugs to avoid listening to the outside noised and sleep mask to avoid light during daytime or even at night.

26.  Back up Everything At Different Places

When you have traveled to any country you bring back a lot of pictures and photos which to take there. They are beautiful memories of that place and you would never want to lose those memories, not even a single photo. If you want to keep them safe you must have a backup of everything on your laptop, external hard drive etc.

27.  Visit The Popular Tourist Sites

You should always surf the internet for the famous places in the country where you are going to travel. You must visit the places as they are popular and would definitely have exciting things to see or experience. Avoid going to random places which are not so popular. Sometimes it’s fun to get off the track and try to explore new places but don, t waste much time in it in and try to visit all the popular sites in the country.

28.  Do Check Out When Leaving A Place

When you are checking out of a place they are chances that you will lose something. Before checking out make sure that you check the room, the bathroom, the shelves, under the bed etc. and also check if you have all the important things such as passport, laptop, credit card etc. These things are very important and losing them can result in a great loss so to avoid such problems check everything properly.

29.  Buy Souvenirs

Purchases souvenirs can be a great reminder of the amazing trip you had. Most people say that the trip is all about enjoying and capturing memories rather than buying things. Still, a souvenir is one of those things which we recommend you to buy. If you are worried about the space in your backpack trying buying a smaller souvenir or one more option available to you is that you can mail it to any friend or family member. This way you will be able to get the souvenir without carrying it in your backpack.

30.  Visit Restaurants With Smaller Menu

If you want to try something new and delicious then head over to a restaurant which offers a small menu. Mostly street restaurants don, t offers very big menus but the dishes they offer are mouthwatering. A cook becomes special in any dish which he or she is making all day, therefore, do try food of such places.

31.  Travel In A Shoulder Season

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on traveling but want to enjoy all the perks of your visit to a particular country then you must travel in the shoulder season. It is a great time to travel as the weather is mildest and also the flight rates, hotel rates are lower than another season. Another great thing is that the places are not too much crowded. You can enjoy your trip in a tranquil and pleasant environment.

32.  Must Use A VPN

When you are traveling you will be connected to a lot of unknown WIFI. There are high chances of your devices being hacked. By using VPN, you can safely use the WIFI connections because it changes your location.

33.  Bring Some Extra Money

It is highly recommended to bring more money than you think you would need on your trip. Start saving early so that you can save a handsome amount of money which you can take along when traveling. The more money you have the more you would be able to enjoy, spend on different fun activities without worrying much about the money.

34.  Visit A Doctor Before You Leave For A Vacation

Do have a checkup before leaving so that if their I any health-related problem you can take the medicines along with you. If you need to take any precautions measure or avoid eating any particular type of food you would know that before you visit a place, this way there are fewer chances of getting sick at a place which you have planned to visit.

35.  Jetlag And Travel Fatigue

When you are traveling don, t forgets to consider Jetlag and travel fatigue. If you are for example going to Kandy and you have decided to spend 4 days over there to visit all the popular places. There are chances that you may not be able to accomplish your goal because of jet lag and might be sleeping most of the time. Keep these things in mind before planning the trip as well.