Explore The Most Popular European Cities For Your Next Trip

Europe consists of 28-member countries. These countries have formed a political and economic union known as the European Union. People can visit all these countries with just one passport and this is a great advantage to all the tourist. Most of the travelers have Europe at the top of their list when they are planning a vacation. Europe consists of the most beautiful cities in the world which are full of beautiful places, staggering wonderful mountains, gush waterfalls, Breathtaking scenic views, Gorgeous natural and manmade wonders, interesting historical places and much more.

Before leaving for Europe you need to consider a few things. Here we have mentioned 3 most important things or you to remember

Flights and Accommodation

Check carefully if all the flights and accommodation are booked particularly check the dates. Make sure that the date is not wrong because it can lead to problems later On.

Moreover, you need to see if your name is spelledas it is on your password it’s not the same the airlines will charge a fee for the name change. I am sure no onewants to pay this fee so as to avoid it check your name before the flight.

  • Make copies:

Remember to take copies of your passports, itinerary and credit cards numbers. Also, make electronic copies and save them on your phone so that you can access them whenever you feel like. Moreover, leave a copy home with someone you trust so that in a case of emergency you can ask them for it. One important thing to keep in mind is that keep these copies at a different place not where you have placed the originals items.

  •  Always Pay in Local Currency:

Although paying in US dollars is easier and sounds convenient. When you go to a store for shopping and give them to a card to swipe. Many times, they would ask you if you want to pay in US dollars but don’t do that. They charge a higher exchange fee then your local banks, therefore, keep in mind that you must pay them in their local currency.

Let’s now look at the top 5 most popular cities for tourist to visit and why?


Prague Christmas – Gretty Image -https://cntraveler.com

This is on the top of the 5 best cities to visit. Prague is a ravishing city with uncountable things for you to explore few of them are Old Town, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, Lesser Town/Lesser Quarter, and National Theatre. When you will visit this country, you will see the huge variety of fabulous architecture. You can walk through the streets to view these buildings which you have seen in movies and book before and you would feel lost in this historical place with a medieval history.

The most famous place to visit in Prague is the castle which is around 1000 years old. It is the most viewed place and is very exquisite. It’s the oldest cathedral church in Prague and you can have the most astounding scenic views from this castle. Not only this but Prague offers some great food for you as well. There are mainly 8 main meals to decide from and its advised that you do a little research on it before you decide what to have for lunch, dinner and from where. Prague has a variety of restaurants for you to choose from such as Czech, Thai, sushi, Indian, French etc. We have selected 2 restaurants which are highly rated by the travelers.

First is

U ModreRuze

U Modre Ruze – Credits – Tripadvisor.com

This is one of the best restaurants available in Prague. It offers you a range of food depending on your taste and style. They have gourmet and bohemian meals which have a fixed price. It also has choices to make on duck roast and offers some great fish food. This restaurant offers delicious food to its customers and the staff is highly cooperative and understanding. If you plan to visit Prague don’t forget to visit this finger licking food providing restaurant.

Jama Steakhouse

Jama Steakhouse – https://tripadvisor.com

If you are a fast food lover then this is the right place for you. It’s the most well-known place for steaks, burgers, wings and much more. All these things are served nicely and you can have all of this in a completely new place. I am sure you would love to have your favorite steak which is made the way you want it to be, the sauces etc. in a place which is filled with most astounding historical structures and colorful natural surrounding with greenery and refreshing atmosphere.

Well, not only food is popular but Prague also has some of the best hotels for their guest.

Finding the best hotel is a tough and time-consuming task so as to make it easier for you we have outlined 2 best hotels in Prague.

Grand Hotel Praha

Grand Hotel Praha – http://www.hotelsprague.cz

This is a 5-star hotel which seems like a 12th-century building and has some wonderful features and design which are somewhat identical to Gothic and Renaissance style. The hotels offer buffet breakfast and also it has some yummy cakes and pastries for their guest.

The entire décor is not like the most luxurious hotels but is to some extent unique as it portrays the true culture and history of the Czech Republic which is wonderful. The balcony offers some great views. If you want to experience the true culture of Prague and have an interest in history and art then plan your stay at this fantastic hotel which also has shopping malls, the famous castle, art galleries on walking distance.

Overall you would have a great comfortable stay at this hotel which you will love.

Hotel Red Chair

hotel Red Chair Prague – http://travfotos.tistory.com

This is a 15th century 4-star hotel and the name sounds quite interesting as well. It is located in the old cobbled street in Prague. This hotel was upgraded in 2009 from a pension chair. The hotel has some great paintings, décor, and furniture which makes you feel like you are really in the 15th century.

The food offered is great over here and the fresh breakfast is provided in the bedroom equipped will traditional thing to give it a standard look.The beach and old square town is really close to this hotel and you can reach there in 6-7 minutes, the national museum is close to this hotel as well.

You can discover all these amazing places along with many other while enjoying you stay at this hotel.


Vienna – https://www.rosewoodhotels.com

This is another wonderful and elegant city in Europe. It is characterized by stunning buildings, theatres, music, coffee cafes, sandy beaches, wonderful historic sights, enchanting gorgeous palaces, tram rides, a marvelous collection of art galleries, the largest collection of the most expensive coins and many other attractions for tourist. Few of these are Wiener Rathaus, Spanish Riding School, Graben, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Burggarten, Ring Strasse, Belvedere Complex, Hundertwasser Haus Hofburg Imperial Palace, Schonbrunn Palace

The most amazing and popular place in Vienna is The Hofburg. It is one of the largest palaces in the world and was built in 13 the century during the Hofburg dynasty. This palace s currently the official residence and workplace of Austria, s president, this place is largely visited by the tourist who loves to see imperial apartments, Sisi museum and silver collection.

One more place which is a must when you visit Vienna is Imperial butterfly house. This is the most awe-inspiring and remarkable place where you can see 400 beautiful colorful butterflies. You can experience the lush natural surrounding while admiring these breath-taking butterflies as they fly over the waterfalls and exotic plants. It’s nothing less than a paradise where you can discover the most ravishing butterflies and most glorious scenic views.

Let’s have a look at the most delicious food which Vienna offers and what restaurants are favorite among tourist. These 2 top restaurants elegantly blend the classic and traditional giving its customers a magnificent experience.


Fabio’s – http://tripadvisor.com

If you plan to visit Vennie that you must go and try this spectacular restaurant. Once you will have their found there is no doubt that you would not fall in love with the food that they offer. Perfect Mediterranean dining is offered. A range of luscious and palatable dishes are here for you to choose from. Overall the experience is simply great and the one which you crave for more. The interior is ravishing with woods and leather which adds grace to this restaurant.

Restaurant Steirereck

Restaurant Steirereck – wikipedia.org

This is another most popular and most visited restaurant in Vienna. The environment is glamorous and really romantic for couples as well. It’s a captivating and elegant place for you to have your food. They offer the original and most delicious Viennese food along with international and Austrian dishes as well. You can choose according to your taste. Everything is of supreme quality and this restaurant has been able to secure a place in elite Traveler Top 100 Restaurants in the World.

Not only there is a good variety of restaurants but are some reasonable and lush hotels as well. The one we highly recommend is

Leonardo Hotel Vienna

Leonardo Hotel Vienna – https://www.agoda.com

This is a remarkable 4-star hotel. It’s beautifully designed and furnished. The rooms have all the basic things neatly and properly organized. The rooms consist of TV, tea/coffee maker, bathroom and a mirror. Overall the rooms are beautifully designed and everything is clean.

The Vienna center is only on a 5-minute distance from the hotel. The hotel is 100 from Mariahilfer Strake shopping street and 400 m from the Westbahnhof transportation hub. Westbahnhof Underground Station is just on a walking distance of 2 min. The Technical Museum and the Haus des Meeres Aquarium are both 1.5 km away.

The breakfast is amazing and overall a tasty good food is available at this hotel. The staff is highly cooperative and try their best to make sure that you have an enjoyable stay at their home.


Barcelona – http://istockphoto.com

Next on our list of top 4 cities to discover in Barcelona. It is an enchanting city with so many interesting things to do over here and hand full of beautiful places for you to explore.

Barcelona is popularly known for stunning natural scenery which is picture perfect, ravishing architecture, mind-blowing cultural attractions, charming Mediterranean climate, sandy climate and much more. This place is enclosed with natures allure. Few places to explore in Barcelona are Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, BarriGòtic (Gothic Quarter), La Rambla: Barcelona’s Social Hub, Parc Güell: Gaudí’s Surrealist Park,  Casa Mila (La Pedrera), Amusement Park and Scenic Views in Montjuïc, Monestir de Pedralbes,  Casa Batlló, Quadrat d’Or,  MuseuBlau (Museum of Earth Science).

The most visited destination in Barcelona is the La Sagrada Familia church whose construction began in 1882. This spectacular and stunning church receives around 3 million tourists each year which come here to see the artistic and extremely astonishing interior. People wait in lines to see all the interior of this church which is not even complete yet. It is expected that it will be completed by 2026.

Another spectacular place to see the magical fountain show. We are sure you would have never seen such an amazing fountain, It simply looks ravishing to see all the lights and water and music show. This was built in 1920 and is quite famous among travelers who come to visit Barcelona. One great thing is that there is no fee, you can enjoy this all for free.

In Barcelona, top-notch restaurants are there to provide you with finger licking food which you would definitely love. The best restaurant in Barcelona is

Restaurante Lasarte

Restaurante Lasarte – https://countryclubuk.com

This restaurant has the most mouthwatering food for you. People love this place and flock here to eat the yummy food which is made by the more skilled chefs. It’s a wonderful and elegant place for you to enjoy a tasty the meal. The menu is simple and has so much to decide from. You must visit this place which is the first one to get 3 Michelin stars. The atmosphere is really nice and comfortable. The interior is pretty as well which defiantly attracts food lovers. Moreover, not only they offer very flavorful food but the waiters and the rest of the staff is really friendly and caters you in the best way possible for you to have an unforgettable experience in this restaurant.

We have also found out a great hotel for you to stay in Barcelona.

Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel

Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel – https://www.kayak.com

This hotel is so popular among tourist and whoever stays here would definitely love to come here again/The hotel is located just 300 m from Urquinaona Metro Station. The rooms have free wifi, and Tv. comfortable cozy beds, the rooms are soundproof and there is bathroom attached to every room with a hairdryer.

What most people love is the terrace. They can have the stunning views from the terrace which is great because there are so many places for tourist to visit nearby and having a view at night from the terrace is break taking.

  • It has a restaurant as well which offers delicious food. The rooms are neat and clean. Overall a great service is provided to make sure that a guest has a wonderful time while they are staying here. It’s definitely worth the money.


Paris – https://www.travelandleisure.com

Paris is one of the most famous city in Europe which is the capital of France. This city is the city of dreams and who so ever comes to Europe definitely visits this place. This place is filled with stunningly beautiful places. This city is called the city of lights and also the city of love. Moreover, the city is famous worldwide for fashionable clothing brands, and some of the leading makeup brands owners such as Loreal, Christian Dior belong to Paris. It is also popular for its frankness and people love to come and shop here from all over the world and its also a very romantic city where couples love to come for their honeymoon. Few most famous places are the Eiffel tower, place des the Vosges, moulin rouge, pantheon, Disney land Paris, Palais Garnier., Les Invalides, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, and many more.

This is the tallest tower in the city of Paris and in entire France. This fetching tower is the identity of Paris and every day a lot of people come to this place. This is a perfect place to take pictures both in a day as well as night time. This is the most tourist attraction. There are 2 restaurants as well where you can enjoy delicious food apart from that you can see the arresting views by riding on the elevator. If you plan to visit Paris do come here and capture a wonderful scene in your camera and you would fell in love with this place.

Let’s now talk about the restaurants, Paris is also known for its food which significantly standout. The most famous restaurant in Paris is


Septime – http://eat-trotter.com

This is a popular restaurant. The designs in so pretty that you would be highly impressed with the interior alone. The food is delectable and there are plant and vegetable dishes which change after every 2 weeks which mean you can enjoy new dishes after every 2 weeks. The food is highly flavorful as the most skilled chefs have been hired who know the art of making delicious food, Overall this is the best place for food lovers and they should especially come here if they want to soften their taste buds.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with museums, architecture galleries and much more, it’s not only known for all this but has a range of ravishing hotels for the guest. One of the most popular is

Campanile Paris 19 – La Villette

Campanile Paris 19 – La Villette – http://holidaycheck.com

This is a classic hotel with elegant rooms’ each room is fabulous furniture, the beds are really comfortable, TV and private bathroom are there in every room. The rooms are soundproof and are also air-conditioned.

There is a restaurant as well which offer the breakfast buffet in which pastries and fruits are served. There are wines and cocktails offered to guest which can be enjoyed in the bar. The hotel is near to a museum and a few other charming places. Moreover, there are people for you to help at the reception 24/7 and the service and the staff is very cooperative and friendly who makes sure that you have no complaints from them and gave a great time at this place. This hotel is highly rated by the people who have stayed here and it offers a great value for the money

Conclusion:  If you are planning to go on a vacation to Europe you need to do some research on the top cities which you must visit and the places, transport, food, and hotels’. Make sure that you do this to have a great time in Europe because a badly planned vacations can lead to stress rather than being a mean or relieving stress. Europe has so much for you to explore Europe is full of unique and charming destinations, the cities have remarkable architecture, historical structures, Lush nature destinations. most tasty and appetizing food, fascinating wildlife parks, breathtaking views, art galleries, modern museums and much more. This dream place has so much for you to discover but you must consider things mentioned in this article to make sure that you have a great, full of fun and adventurous trip to Europe.

First Feature Image Is From: https://ward-thomas.co.uk