Popular Summer Events and Festivals of Dubai


Dubai is the city of all the best things combined. According to the MasterCard global destination index Dubai is the most visited city of the world and it comes forth at the most beautiful cities to visit as well. According to an estimation almost 15.9 million tourists visit this amazing City every year. Once here, people find it difficult to adjust in their daily life after going back. The culture of Dubai is beautiful and its traditions never ceases to amaze visitors. 

Today we are going to talk about the summer festivals of Dubai. If you are planning a vacation and this paradise city is on the top list then it is important for you to know why you need to come to Dubai for the best Ventures.


Popular summer festivals in Dubai 

Because so many tourists keep coming to Dubai to visit it, his beautiful city hosts a number of popular summer festivals throughout the year. These festivals have a separate fan base and today we are going to talk about them. 


Dubai Shopping Festival

Shoping festival
Image from https://whatson.ae/dubai/2018/12/dubai-shopping-festival-2019-heres-what-we-can-look-forward-to/

There is no denying in the fact that the city of Paradise is the extravagant City. It is rich in value, in culture and in money. Maybe this is the reason why it hosts Dubai shopping festival. It was in 1996 when Dubai first hosted this beautiful event. Now the Dubai shopping festival is the regular thing for the denizens. Tourists from all around the world can enjoy this beautiful event in the month of February and March. As we are all aware of the fact that the city of riches has many malls so when this event rings in full swing then tourists and the denizens can enjoy amazing discounts in almost every store and every mall of Dubai. 

In all the months when this event is in the full swing then people can buy amazing things in economical rates.  Anyone can go out and shop when the Dubai shopping festival rings in. Along with shopping people can also enjoy organised concerts, games, trades, ramp walks and different shows in Dubai shopping festival. What’s more? One can experience the spectacle of firecrackers as well.


Dubai Tennis Championship 

The Dubai Tennis Champions
Image from https://sport360.com/article/tennis/dubai-tennis-championship/218150/dubai-duty-free-tennis-championships-a-world-class-event-celebrating-its-silver-jubilee-but-wheres-the-local-talent

Dubai Tennis Championship is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events of the city and people from all over the world come to see it. This Championship is such a spectacular to witness and it has all the gold and glitter in it. This amazing event brings some of the best tennis stars to Dubai. Even Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova came to Dubai to take part in this Championship. The beautiful city hosts this event every March at Dubai Aviation Club and millions of people come together to join.  For all those who are into tennis, it is the best opportunity for such people to witness this event on a large scale.

Art Dubai

Art Dubai
Image from https://www.thenational.ae/arts-culture/gallery-events-in-abu-dhabi-and-dubai-to-paint-a-picture-of-affordable-art-for-all-1.64328

What exactly is Art Dubai? Technically speaking it is the most diverse art fair which happens in the city of riches. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum was the pioneer of art Dubai and he was the one who founded this summer festival of Dubai in 2007. Every March in Dubai a huge crowd of tourists and artists come along to take part in this amazing event which is called art Dubai. According to estimation it is said that this event attracts about 28000 visitors from all over the globe. Simply by taking part in this event one can experience wonderful spectacles ranging from goods and art collections to curators, museums and other Institutions as well. This festival is the best festival of Dubai and it provides a platform to the emerging artists. Here anyone can present their art in an effective way and can attract possible buyers as well.

Arts Dubai, Art Gallery is probably the largest art gallery which effectively holds the fair. This art gallery is categorized into contemporary, modern and residence section. Along with this Dubai also holds an art conference in the Gulf which is called the Global art forum. By taking part in this forum the artists, curators and writers can secure career options for themselves.


UAE Desert Rally 

Dessert Rally
i=Image from https://sport360.com/article/motorsport/rally/322588/battle-for-abu-dhabi-desert-challenge-heats-up-on-sunday

Cars and desert lovers have all the reasons to celebrate in Dubai. UAE desert rally is that amazing summer festival of Dubai which has the potential to attract millions of car lovers from around the globe.

Part of FIA cross country rally World Cup, UAE desert rally is basically a race which starts off in Abu Dhabi and ends in Dubai. As far as the duration of this rally is concerned, that is five days but in those 5 days fans can witness a huge rally in the world in fantabulous and spectacular way. It’s a great get together for all the car lovers and definitely the best option for people who enjoy watching cars and desserts as a spectacle.


Dubai International Film Festival 

Dubai International Film Festival 
Image from https://www.thenational.ae/arts-culture/the-latest-on-dubai-international-film-festival-1.284185

This is not the summer festival but it is definitely the popular festival of Dubai. The city of riches hold this festival every December. Dubai international film festival is definitely the biggest festival in the region. This amazing event was started in 2004 and since then it has never stopped. During the duration of this beautiful festival people see the films from the Arab world and beyond. Dubai holds this amazing festival in the post locations and this festival attracts a lot of volunteers, viewers and celebrities as well. After the films Dubai international film festival the place holds conferences, question answers, special appearances and even presentations. This beautiful event provides a cultural exchange to the film lovers and in this festival people see different movies with different languages in a beautiful way.

According to estimation Dubai international film festival is considered as the best film festivals in the world. According to Conde Nast Traveller this festival has been included in the world top 15 film festivals multiple times.


Dubai World cup

Dubai World cup
Image from http://www.dubairacingclub.com/about-us/partners/dubai-world-cup-partners

Dubai is a rich city and it hosts rich events. Dubai World Cup is one such example of the fact that how culturally rich and accommodative Dubai is. In the mid of April Dubai hosts the world’s richest horse race. Do you know what the winning price is for the winner in this world’s richest horse race? Well, it is US$10 million dollars. Around April due to Dubai World Cup tourists see a lot of Jockeys, trainers and spectacles. This amazing world cup of horse race happens at Ned Al Sheba racecourse and it is undoubtedly one of the best summer festivals of Dubai.


Dubai International Jazz Festival 

Dubai International Jazz Festival 
Image from https://www.emirates247.com/entertainment/events/if-it-s-january-it-s-got-to-be-jazz-2011-01-23-1.345881

Well Dubai International Jazz Festival is another popular festival of Dubai and this festival sees a lot of people. This amazing festival first took place in January 2003 at Dubai Media City and now it is a regular thing. Dubai Jazz festival continues for three days and in these three days artists from all over the globe entertain people. It is said that this festival attracts almost 5 lakh people from all around the world. This event is superbly famous and it entertains the people of all colors and creed.

This event takes place around January and in the month of January many award winning artists, legendary musicians and well known singers come to Dubai to perform for the audience. It is definitely one of the best summer festivals of Dubai and it is such a treat and visual for the music lovers.


Festival of Taste

festival of taste
Image from https://twitter.com/tasteofdubai/status/969837353761169408

This amazing festival is very famous in Dubai and it is solely for the food lovers. Dubai hosts this amazing summer festival in the last days of April and during those days top Chefs from all over the globe come to take part in this amazing summer festival of Dubai. Dubai holds this festival in the media city and media city looks like a food Heaven in the month of April. Here tourists can find top chefs and top connoisseurs who give tips on cooking and drinks. In the month of April, tourists can enjoy the best food of the globe in Dubai by taking part in this festival of Taste which is undoubtedly one of the amazing summer festivals of Dubai.


The Dubai Marathon 

The Dubai Marathon 
Image from https://lovindubai.com/feature/opinion/dubai-marathon-course

Dubai is extravagant and it likes to show it. For all those who want to witness the world’s richest marathon race should come to this city of riches to attend the Dubai marathon. It is the annual Marathon event and it attracts thousands and thousands of participants. The Dubai Marathon was started in 2000 and still it happens every year in full swing. In 2008 according to research this event was considered as the world’s richest Marathon event.

Do you want to know what is the winning prize for the winner in this richest marathon? Well it is 250000 dollars for first place winners in men and women category. It is said that around 28000 participants come from all over the globe to take part in this marathon. The marathon route is around 42.2 kilometres and the entry fee to attend this event is 135 USD. Dubai holds this amazing event in January and it is important for the participant to register themselves for the marathon race. This event is rich, extravagant and very famous. It is safe to say that is one of the most popular festivals of Dubai.


Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai knows the importance of smiles and surprises and that is why in the month of June and August Dubai hosts this amazing event which is known as Dubai summer surprises. Commonly people know this event by the name of DSS. In this festival, tourists can see a life size yellow Springy Mascot Modhesh. Mr Modhesh is that person who represents this event in a comical and fun way.  This event holds a special value and importance for the younger generation and the teenagers all around the globe come to visit Dubai to attend this amazing festival. This event goes on for 10 weeks and simply by taking part in this event people can get a lot of surprises.

DSS has many things which range from art, culture and music. It is said that if a person can enjoy anything in the summer wave then it is DSS in Dubai. This festival sees a lot of tourists. They come from all over the globe to take part in it. Even hotels offers special packages to guests so more people will be there and more revenue can be generated.



There is nothing that Dubai cannot do. This beautiful city is amazing in so many things whether its food, Marathon, art or shopping. There is no reason why a tourist shouldn’t come here to have the best experience of his life. Along with the above mentioned events Dubai hosts a number of other events which holds equal value and equal fun. Dubai is a very rich city and it makes sure that it entertains its denizens and tourists on an annual or monthly basis so not a single day feels dull and boring. Dubai is the best place for tourist, they can come here to take part in these amazing summer festivals of Dubai and more than that simply by taking part in these festivals people can learn about the values and culture of Dubai in a fun and comical way.


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