Everything You Need To Know About Kandy – Sri Lanka

Nowadays everyone is so busy with the hard schedules that they can hardly take out time for any refreshment and relaxation. It is eminently important to get a break from our busy routines and go on a vacation. Which is not only means of boosting your productivity and relieving stress but helps you in refreshing and rejuvenating yourself by meeting new people all around the world, experiencing different cultures, customs, cuisine and much more.

Isn’t is boring to have the same routine?  Getting up early in morning then going to the office, working over their continuously 8-10 hours. Interacting with the same people and regularly going to the same place. Everyone needs a change and vacation is the best option for it. where you can not only have thrilling adventures but will discover so many new things which you have never imagined.

Even if you are on a business trip, you will have a new place to work, drink your favorite coffee and enjoy your malicious new food along with exploring new places and getting a glimpse of exposure to new things which you might have never seen or imagined. It makes you see how beautiful this planet is which has uncountable wonders hidden in it.

Night View of Kandy

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Just deciding to go on a trip for a happier experience which is full of fun and challenges is not enough. Proper planning and is equally important to make your vacations memorable and worth the money spent on it otherwise it will lead to more stress and displeased experience. If you are planning to spend vacations at Kandy which the capital is you just landed at the right place where we will provide you with all the information you need about this best holiday destination.

Kandy is a city where all you dream can come true. If you ever wondered about free-flowing rivers, alluring hills, romantic beaches, soothing and relaxing weather, fascinating hilly areas, spectacular mountains, magical and sparkling waterfalls, in short, want to discover the most delightful and irresistible wonders of the world which have been unbelievable for you till now. Then Kandy is a great option for a refreshing and unforgettable lifetime experience.

Top 8 Places To Visit In Kandy – Sri Lanka

Now let’s have a look at few places which are worth visiting when you plan a trip to Kandy without which you trip is for sure just incomplete.


  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – Kandy – Sri Lanka

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If you are in love with animals and are eager for exciting wildlife experience then this should be your first spot. Where you will see elephants roaming around just like in their natural habitat. You can have a wonderful chance of seeing them taking bath, having their food. It’s quite appealing to see the cubs being fed by people. It is a home to almost 96 elephants.

There are a lot of elephants which were left unattended in jungles because either of their parents died or were killed/hunted. This place is full of trees, plants hence are full of greenery and water. Which is all that elephants need to live and feel like they are in their natural habitat. It’s a great place to enjoy watching elephants having fun and revel in the orphanage.


  • Temple of Tooth Relic

Inside View of Temple of Tooth Relic – Kandy – Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is famously known for its temples which symbolizes the rich cultural and the religion Buddhism. Temple of Tooth Relic is one of the most ancient temples located in Kandy. It has the tooth of Buddha which is placed in a golden stupa. It a beautiful place which is worth visiting. It a big temple which also has museums in it. A lot festival also takes place in this temple and this temple has so many ravishing things which you must see. They clearly demonstrate their culture and history.

There are elephants placed on the entrance and on the entrance floor moonstone is carved which also sounds so interesting. There is also a lot of pictures and historical items in the museum which adds so much to your knowledge about Sri Lanka traditions and history. Most important is the Esala Perahera festival. Which is something you should never miss out if you are on vacations to Kandy? A rich demonstration of sir Lanka traditions, a glimpse of their culture. It mainly consists of dancers, elephants, musicians and much more. Basically, a circus is set up which must be attended to enjoy a colorful, enchanting Night.

The ticket of this temple is for LKR 1500. It gives you such a wonderful and memorable experience that it’s defiantly worth the money spent.


  • Kandy Lake

Romantic Lake of Kandy – Sri Lanka

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This breath-taking lake is an ideal place to visit on your vacation to Kandy. It is surrounded by hills which are covered with greenery. It is the best place for couples as well as it provides a romantic environment for them which is worth the time and money spent on going to see this place. You will also see the enchanting birds, the experience relaxing atmosphere. This lake is surrounded by historical structures which are quite attractive as well.

This is a man-made which was constructed by Sri Wickham in 1807 which was made by him for his personal use as a harem. Later On, it was opened as a tourist and now hundreds of people visit this place to experience a fabulous climate and pleasant nature.


  • Hulu River & Waterfall

Beautiful Hulu Water Fall – Kandy – Sri Lanka

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This glorious waterfall is located in Kandy. It is an amazing place to visit to see how beautiful all the natural water is flowing and the surrounds which are all green. This also is so appealing and gives a great feeling of relaxation and inner peace. What we mostly see is the busy roads, pollution, and tall buildings. This is something natural and spectacular which is so refreshing energetic.

The hula river is combined with hula waterfall. It stays fresh and filled with water all year thanks to rainy season which provides enough water. This river is a very important source for the residents of this place as well because they use this water for drinking and bathing purposes moreover it is a major supplier of water to the orutothota hydropower station. So, tourist need to make sure that they keep this place clean because it means a lot to the people of Kandy.


  • Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range – Kandy – Sri Lanka

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This is the most eye-catching mountain range located in Kandy. It is located in the northern part of Sri Lanka. There are plenty of things to see at this place and is a great opportunity for camping, hiking etc. Mainly this place is famous for its sparkling waterfalls, jagged peaks, amazing streams which are young imagination and spectacular scenery which seems like a fairy tale.

This place is not known for its beauty and scenic views but also for the monkeys you would see at this place. Roaming around and enjoying their lives and not the only monkey but you will come across deer and squirrels as well. Which all sounds adorable.


  • Bahira Wakanda Temple

Beautiful Bahira Wakanda Temple View – Kandy -Sri Lanka

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This is another great place to visit in Kandy. The Temple is wonderful and has so many astonishing things to see in it. It can be located from anywhere in Kandy because of the huge Buddha statute in white color is made on the roof of the temple.

If you are spending vacations at Kandy then this place is a must visit. In the temple mostly, people who are Buddhist come for worship. This place is rich in architecture and history along with demonstrating the old culture of Buddhism. You will come across attractive and highly impressive things inside the temple. Such as the painting on the wall. The old items which are placed inside are worth seeing.

Not only this but this temple is also the hub for meetings carried out related to international business relations. This is located on the outskirts, its only 1 km from the Kandy city. If you are going to Kandy and don’t visit this place your trip is definitely incomplete.


  • Royal Botanical Garden

Royal Botanical Garden – Kandy – Sri Lanka

Picture From: www.srilankatourismonline.com

This garden is no less than a paradise. It has a huge collection of glorious flowers and is filled with outstanding scenic views. It’s a perfect place to explore the nature and for getting a glimpse of the wonders of the world. Not only you can discover so many amazing fragrances of flowers and alluring plants but there is also a plenty of things to do. you will experience a refreshing windy climate. You will feel like coming to a place which is full of natural beauty.

It’s an ideal place for families to enjoy and spend some qualitative times. Not only families but couples prefer to spend time in this park which provides an amazing romantic environment. It’s worth going to this park and capturing some unforgettable moments which your loved one. Having a view of the beautiful sunset and how the sky gets covered in black color is just something which can only be felt and is beyond the explanation using words..Just don’t forget to have a visit to this park for a cheerful fun day.


  • Ranweli Spice Garden

Ranweli Spice Garden – Kandy – Sri Lanka

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If you plan to see a very colorful and bug collection of spices and herbs then ranweli spice garden a great place to visit. It has so many different kinds of herbs and spices which are used in the manufacturing different things all around the world. These herbs also provide a cure for a number of diseases.All the spices and herbs look so appealing. There is so much to explore in this garden.

A number of spices will new to you and so is their taste. Visiting this place is a great way to get out of the busy headache city life. Where you are not able to see such beauty.This place has a variety of plants and spices and this too much greenery is undoubtedly stunning. If this year your vacation destination is Kandy then this place is waiting for you to experience wonderful things which you have never been able to before.

Lets Take A Look At Some Great Hotels In Kandy!!


Now let’s have a look at some great hotels in Kandy. It’s really matters that where you are staying because after a tiring day it’s your last place where you rest to get yourself ready for another day to explore the magnificent places in Kandy.


  • The Golden Crown Hotel

The Golden Crown Hotel – Kandy – Sri Lanka

Picture From: http://www.dailynews.lk

If you plan to stay in a comfortable hotel where you will be provided will a cooperative staff and everything is neat and clean then the golden crown hotel is Good choice. This hotel is located in Kandy and is on a drive of 10 mins from the temple of the tooth relic. This hotel is providing you not only a great experience when you come here but also offers recreational activities.

It has luxuries seating areas where you can chit chat while enjoying your favorite drink. It has 3 restaurants which offers mouthwatering food and beverages. It does not just stop here but has a swimming pool in it for you to have to relax after a tiring day. It has arrangements for parties as well. There is a lavish night club at the top floor where you can enjoy your nights where you get a chance to interact with new people from different places all around the world. This club is a great way to enjoy and have fun without any effort of going anywhere else all this is provided at the hotel.

This is a 5-star hotel which offers such a great experience that you would fall in love with this place.


  • Grand 103

Grand 103 – Kandy – Sri Lanka

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This is an exquisite hotel which offers extremely comfortable rooms and also really tasty food. Along with a calm and good quality experience.  Let’s talk about everything which if offers. It basically has 1 restaurant which offers so delicious food that you can’t say a NO to if even if you are on a diet. The room is quite big. Each room has a private bath attached to it. An LED so you can watch movies or your favorite seasons while enjoying the weather and your stay at this appealing destination.

It also offers two types of buffet one is continental and the other is a buffet breakfast. It gives you a choice to decide what you want to have in your breakfast to make you help get a good start in the morning. There is also a shopping mall from where you can shop for you and your loved ones. It has all you need and plans to buy. Most people plan to shop a lot where they are on vacations so that they have a collection of whether its clothes, jewelry, makeup or any decoration items which will remind them of their spectacular experience at Kandy. Their also room where you can cook your own food because surprisingly they have kitchens as well. Isn’t it interesting to cook your own food and enjoy it at a completely new place? It is such an amazing experience.

This is a 4-star hotel and has all that is required to make tourists have a marvelous experience and to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable.


  • Rivora Residence

Rivora Residence – Kandy – Sri Lanka

Picture From: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk

If you prefer to live in a luxuries hotel which has been designed fabulous to give you a sensational experience then is the best choice for you. Let’s have a look at what this hotel provides to their Guest;

The rooms are pretty well designed with comfortable and cozy beds. There is terrace attached to that you can have the outside view which seems amazing especially at night. It has Tv, free toilet item and private bathroom attached with each room. A lounge is also provided for the guest to enjoy their coffee/drinks while resting. This is a choice as it offers much more than compared to other hotels. The enjoyment and delightful stay over here is something which will make you stay again here whenever you plan to come to Kandy again. The staff is extremely cooperative and kind. They calmly listen to you and try their best to cater you in a way that you are satisfied and have no complains. The friendly attitude of the staff is another plus point which makes this hotel famous amongst the tourist.

If you want to stay at a place which offers a quite atmosphere a bit far from all the city noises and problems then this is the ideal place for you. people who have been here have fallen in love with this hotel which not only caters their guest at their best but also provides a clean and hygienic place to stay.


  • Sweet Cinnamon Kandy

Sweet Cinnamon Kandy – Sri Lanka

Picture From: https://pix10.agoda.net

This is another hotel in which tourist love to stay. such a pretty and glamorously designed bedrooms attract the attention of the tourist. It gives the tourist a chance to experience how it feels like living close to nature.

Living in a place which is full of greenery, lovely flowers, breathtaking trees. All this is so alluring and refreshing for the tourist.  This is one reason why they prefer staying here because it brings them closer to nature. The rooms are well equipped with all the necessary things required. Comfortable beds are provided along with attached baths and the room is so captivated that tourist won’t get bored in fact would love their stay at this hotel. The Sweet Cinnamon Restaurant offers a variety of food and you can experience the Sri Lankan cuisines which have never failed to amaze Your Fiery Taste Bud.

However, the not only Sri Lankan food is available but this restaurant also offers international food to the tourist. They have a range of foods t decide from and can just try a new dish daily.The spice garden and temple of the tooth are located near. These both places demonstrate the rich culture and beauty of this city. These both places must be visited if you want to make sure that you enjoyed this trip and visited every place which is made for the tourist to explore.

Not only are their such amazing and pleasuring hotels but a very famous restaurants known as Kandy Muslim Hotel which you should defiantly visit for a tasty and hearty delectable, cuisine. This hotel is located in Kandy and is well known for its delicious and mouthwatering Food, It adds the touch of Sri Lankan species to the Pakistani food making it more favorable and finger licking. It offers luscious food which is particularly famous for offering tasty Haleem, spicy curry with soft naan which melts in your mouth. The most dishes are made up of the vegetables and the famous flavorful spices which you will find nowhere else. Most people eat here with their right hands as spoons and forks etc. are not provided because it’s part of their culture to eat with hands.



To sum it up we have mentioned all the famous places, hotels and a restaurant which you must visit if your vacation destination is going to be Kandy.This article provides you will reasons why you need to visit this place which has a treasure of natural beauty, ancient monuments, sandy beaches, wildlife and much more.

A trip to Kandy will take you out of your comfort zone and will provide you an opportunity to have the most thrilling experiences in your lives ranging from hiking, camping, elephants ride to boating, watching glorious waterfalls, Color full places and also offers to experience new traditions and food. Therefore, we can conclude that Kandy is one of the most attractive, charming and beautiful places to visit.

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