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The terms "carding and packaging of jewelry" include the attaching of jewelry to cards, boxing and wrapping, and the use of common household glues available to the general public, but do not include potentially hazardous operations such as the use of industrial glues, epoxies, soldering irons, free live adult cams or heating elements. With respect to jewelry manufacturing, no operations other than the stringing of beads and other jewelry and the carding and packaging of jewelry will be performed by homeworkers. At the Administrator's discretion, the obligation of a bond may be relieved, and any cash payment held as security in lieu thereof may be refunded (together with any interest accrued thereon), upon a subsequent determination that the employer is in compliance with the Act and that sufficient funds will be available to meet back wage payment obligations in the event of violations of the Act. Except as provided in subpart A, in the absence of a certificate, the employment of homeworkers in these industries is prohibited, and an employer violating this prohibition is subject to all the sanctions provided in the Fair Labor Standards Act and in this part, including an injunction restraining the employment of homeworkers.  
Violation of any provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act shall be sufficient grounds for revocation of all certificates issued to an employer, in which event no certificates shall be issued to the offending employer for a period of up to one year. A copy of all certificates provided to the employer under this part shall be maintained for a period of at least three years after the last employment under the certificate. Date of birth of the homeworker, if under 19 years of age. Did years of calamity programming in the form of "good touch/bad touch," "no means no," and "your condom or mine" take a toll? A final determination means either the granting of or initial denial of the application for renewal of a certificate, or withdrawal of the application. In addition, the initial or renewal application shall contain the names, addresses, and languages (if other than English) spoken by the homeworkers that are currently employed (if any) or expected to be employed.  
The initial request for certification or renewal application shall be signed by the employer and shall contain the name of the firm, Freeliveadultcams.Com its mailing address, the physical location of the firm's principal place of business and a description of the business operations and items produced. Such bond, or cash payment, shall be subject to payment or forfeiture, in whole or in part, upon a final determination that the employer has failed to pay minimum wages or overtime compensation to homeworkers in accordance with the Act. Records of hours worked and wages paid shall be maintained in accordance with section 11 of the Act and part 516 of this chapter. All records shall be made available for inspection and transcription by the Administrator or a duly authorized and designated representative, or transcription by the employer upon written request. The employer shall also provide the Administrator, within thirty (30) days, a notice of each change of address of the principal place of business. Address of the homeworker.  
Any certificate issued to an industrial homeworker by the New York State Department of Labor under paragraph II of Home Work Order No. 4 Restricting Industrial Homework in the Glove Industry, dated June 28, 1941, will be given effect by the Administrator as a certificate permitting the employment of the homeworker under the terms of § 530.4 for the period during which such certificate shall continue in force. All homeworkers shall be employed in compliance with the child labor provisions contained in section 12 of the Act and regulations and orders issued pursuant to section 12. All homeworkers will be instructed not to permit minors to work in violation of such provisions. The use of manuals, guidelines or other established procedures containing or relating to highly technical, scientific, legal, financial or other similarly complex matters that can be understood or interpreted only by those with advanced or specialized knowledge or skills does not preclude exemption under section 13(a)(1) of the Act or the regulations in this part.



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