In this modern era where people are becoming educated, there have been immense changes for women in terms of education, employment and in other matters of life. People are realizing that men and women are equal in every matter of life, in short women are becoming independent. But still women face issues where ever they go whatever they do.

As women are participating and are really good in whatever they do or where ever they go. They are also travelling around the world independently. Travelling alone usually refers travelling overseas without any companion. Being a female and getting this opportunity to travel alone is a blessing. Who have stepped abroad on a solo journey will tell you what a wonderful experience it is. Solo travelling is an eye opening experience that guides your passions, extends your comfort zone and promotes self-discovery.

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There are many concerns a female have when travelling alone. In reality, now travelling alone is perfectly safe for both the genders than ever before. There are some primary rules that anyone should follow while travelling abroad alone but specially females. Perhaps the most important is, one must follow your gut instinct. If you are not comfortable with anyone or in any situation, just avoid or leave.

On one hand solo travelling can give you relaxation to create your own schedule, but on other hand be extra careful while travelling alone because one drawback is you lack helping hands at times. It is important to stay away from things that can get you in trouble. Furthermore try to stay away from anything that you don’t do in your home country.

If you want to go for a memorable traveling that you will cherish until your last breath, from one end of North America to the other end of South Asia we have rounded some best places to travel alone for girls.



Ladies, if you want to go to an epic journey across the world but don’t know where to go check out these helpful pieces to travel alone.



For years, this small Mediterranean center has been hidden behind the shadow of its modish neighbors (Greece, Spain, Italy and France). But now Malta has become most searched destination and one of the best places for females to travel alone and this happened due to various blogs and media that revealed Malta. There are number of marine activities in Malta, Gozo and Comino to enjoy. Malta is perfect place for holiday, some of the beaches that make your holiday more entertaining are:

  • Mellieha Bay
  • Ghajan Tuffeiha
  • Golden Bay
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Malta is one of the quietest beaches. Maltese will definitely give you a warm welcome and make you feel at home with their friendliness, hospitality and generosity. Communication is easy as everyone speaks English in Malta. As far as attractions are concerned here are some:

  • Valleta
  • The Idyllic Island OF Gozo
  • The Medieval Hilltop Town of Mdina, Island of Malta
  • Blue Lagoon, Island of Comino
  • The Blue Grotto, Island Of Malta
  • Golden Bay Beach, Island of Malta
  • Hagar Qim Temples
  • The Country Village of Zebbug



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Bali is full of natural beauty and relaxing beaches. One of the top reasons why Bali is so much popular for tourism specially for solo female travelers is its alluring beaches, food, temples and inexpensive accommodation.  You will also find some pleasing resorts for little luxury with those striking beaches. Female with specific budget and love to chill come to Bali. Bali has wondrous culture that will soak all your heart in and you will forget that you are travelling alone. Don’t miss to take a colorful, elegant and most importantly comfortable Cupshe swimsuit with you which will make your beach photos so appealing.  Top things to do in Bali are attending Hindu ceremonies. Some of places for your help are here:

  • Pura Tanah Lot
  • Mount Batur
  • Uluwatu Temple
  • Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Tegallanlang, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Bali
  • Waterbomb Bali
  • Kuta Beach
  • The Nusa Island
  • The Sidemen Valley
  • Sekumpul Waterfall
  • Tirta Empul Temple
  • Pura Ulun Danu Bratan



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Montreal is the place if you want a sweet taste in Europe. Famed for its rich culture and history, old Ports, museums, grand old French restaurants and cobblestone streets. Cobblestone has beautiful buildings of 17th century. Canadian are friendly and charming people. Just few hours away there lies iconic Niagara Falls. Montreal is a safe and best place to travel alone. Some of the attractions are:

  • Mont-Royal
  • Vieux- Montreal
  • Notre-Dame Basilica
  • Oratoire Saint-Joseph
  • Parc Jean Drapeau
  • Pounte-a`-Callie`re
  • Place des Arts



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Amsterdam is one of the best places to travel in Europe specially when travelling alone, it has a lot of things to offer to females traveling alone. It is a safe and lively city of Netherland. Amsterdam is known as “Venice of the North”, it enthralls solo travelers with beautiful canals, lovely bridges and eye-catching architecture. Amsterdam is famous for universities, museums, various theaters, research centers and entertainment venues. You can do anything whether its party, know about culture and history or simply relax. Top rated tourists attractions in Amsterdam are:

  • The Rijksmuseum
  • The Anne Frank Museum
  • The Van Gogh Museum
  • The Jordaan
  • Vondelpark
  • The Royal Palace
  • Rembrandt House Museum
  • The Old Church
  • The Begijnhof
  • The Museum of the tropics



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Reykjavik is small city but with a capricious soul, having many colorful buildings, talented people, creative designs and wild nightlife. It is one of the safest places for solo female travellers in the world. According to the Global Peace Index Reykjavik is ranked first. Full primer history of Iceland is present in Reykjavik. You can enjoy museums, galleries, shops and a perfect contemporary city life. Reykjavik is one of the focal point pf tourism. If you visit here then you must take a trip to countryside. It is rich in heritage, it’s a great base for day trips so must bring your sunglasses and a cap to stay comfortable. Some of the top experiences in Reykjavik are:

  • Reykjavik Art Museum
  • Hallgrimskirkja
  • The Settlement exhibition
  • Harpa
  • National Museum
  • Cultural House
  • National Gallery of Iceland
  • Laugardalur



Melbourne is second largest metropolis of Australia. Melbourne often tops the list of the world’s most lively, multicultural and refined cities. Melbourne’s thrilling mix of fashion, culture, sport and dining would never let you go. Plenty of love is for foodies in this city from Greek, Italian, Indian, Spanish cuisine to everything.

Melbourne is famed for its sports, with the combination of art galleries, world class dining, homegrown fashion and what not. Solo females travelling can find lot more to do in this city of Australia. Don’t miss to visit Melbourne’s rooftop bars and laneways, must attend major sports events of Australia in Melbourne and have a perfect dining at culinary hotspot. You will easily get all flights that will directly arrive at Melbourne Airport and it will take you hardly 30 minutes to reach to the City Centre. You just need to plan your trip before, and according to seasonal weather. Do your homework and find all options for transport in the city.

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Some of the day trip adventurous places are here:

  • Federation Square
  • Royal Botanic Garden
  • Melbourne cricket Ground and the Nation Sports Museum
  • Southbank and Arts Centre Melbourne
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Arcades and Laneways
  • Melbourne museum and Royal Exhibition Building
  • City Circle Tram Tour
  • Immigration Museum
  • Parliament House
  • Queen Victoria Market
  • Dockland
  • Shrine of Remembrance
  • Captain Cook’s Cottage, Fitzroy Gardens
  • Yarra river Cruise



Ladies, if you are looking for astonishing places to visit in America all alone explore the streets of Manhattan and the Apple’s outer boroughs. New York is one of the significant cities of the world. It is always full of life and a whirlwind of happening activities. New York is full of famous sites every time you visit to this amazing city, time would never be enough to see them all. There is iconic landmark, world famous museum and cutting-edge gallery to visit. Else then dine in restaurants there are government food markets to eat. You can also visit the Central Park where you can enjoy rollerblading, take a sightseeing cruise on Hudson. You can also watch time squares and can go to Brooklyn flea market.


Some of the unique perspectives of the city are:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Broadway and the Theater District
  • Rockefeller Center & Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  • Empire Statue Building
  • 9/11 Memorial & Museum
  • High Line
  • Time Squares
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • The Frick Collection
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Bryant Park
  • Central Park
  • Fifth Avenue
  • One World Observatory
  • Wall Street



Rome in Italy is famous for its in incalculable enormity of its art treasures. Rome is popular for its unique traditions, persuasive fashion, tasty food, beautiful people and romance. It’s truly a tourist destination especially for solo females, it indulges all your five senses and you just could not remember anything else. Walking through the streets of Italy you will feel so fresh and empowered. There are so many exciting and amazing things to do for solo female travelers in Rome. If you are interested in history of Roman Empire, here you can visualize it in its entire glory by taking a visit to cities that have ancient sites such as Roman Forum, Pantheon and Coliseum. In The Vatican City and Saint Peter’s Basilica you can see the pope’s home. While walking through and exploring cobble laneways and piazzas, you can see the city’s fountains which are so eye-catching and beautiful. You must need joggers so you can have a comfortable walk.

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Rome is safest place for you girls, to visit anywhere and roam around in city. Even if it’s your third or fourth visit to the city, you will fall in love again and again with its alluring beauty. If you are planning to visit to Rome you should plan and get the best value for your trip according to your budget.



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It is one of the most beautiful and admired places in Philippines to visit, specially for women. Palawan is a tropical hub with amazing natural beauty. Palawan is full of natural wonders, such as the Puerto Princesa, towering limestone cliffs, underground rivers, Kayangan Lake and Coron Islands. What make things better in Palawan is its friendly people and are they are so easily accessible. These all things makes females very comfortable as there is not any fatigue and has a safe environment. Ladies you must take some snorkeling mask with you, its a need there. As there are so many underwater activities you would definitely need top-notch and a comfortable snorkeling mask for escapade.


Tips for solo female travelers

Are you travelling alone?  Yes, then these are some helpful tips for you. Some of your Do’s and Don’ts which will make your trip much more remember-able for your life time, and will definitely protect you from problems.

  1. It is very necessary to understand the culture of the place where you are planning to visit, before going there and even after you reach there. Try to understand the people and their norms and values and try to adapt. By following their culture, you will get treated better.
  2. When travelling alone it is obvious you will be doing more of activities alone, so relax yourself, enjoy yourself and put your phone down. Maybe there is anything exciting happening around you that you may going to miss if your eyes are on your phone and later you regret.
  3. Writing a journal is very important when travelling. There will be so many things happening during the whole day that you may forget after words when you are back home and details will fade. Write down major events that will remind you the things you did, that you think could fade over the years. I love reading my journals and it takes me back to that time. But be careful not to get so much in journals that you could not enjoy your moments.
  4. Just don’t be afraid of anything girls, especially when you are travelling alone and don’t overthink just do it. Just do what you feel like doing don’t worry about the environment and people.
  5. Always keep an open mind and take notice of the things happening around so that you cannot be fooled by anyone.
  6. Top tip for solo female travelers is having confidence, always walk around with confidence.
  7. Adventure is good but you just need to be prepared about the things that you will going to do, what intensity they have and their impact on you. Do go for adventures but first get some information about it and take care of yourself.
  8. Talk with everyone but be aware what the person is up to, don’t overshare your privacy or your things you have planned.
  9. Here is most favorite activity for you girls, shopping. Go for shopping do buy some souvenirs, you can give these souvenirs as a gift to your friends and family.
  10. While traveling don’t sleep in it is not safe and even it could be your regret after words if you missed out something due to sleeping.


These were some of the safe, most entertaining places and useful tips for solo female travelers. Girls you can visit these places and by following these tips you can get beautiful memories for your lifetime. Have great trip girls!

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