Travel Malaysia The Heart of South Asia

Malaysia is located in Asia. It is considered as the heart of South Asia. This wonderful country has charming destinations for you to visit. It is famous for its struggling beaches, impressive wildlife, Beautiful rain forest, astonishing parks, natural beauty, delicious food, breathtaking islands and much more. This country has all that you need for a great, refreshing tour away from your hometown.

Top 3 Islands In Malaysia

  • Redang Island

Redang Island Malaysia –

This is a Gorgeous island with so many exciting activities for you to do. The island is located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Kuala Terengganu. This island is loved by locals as well as the tourist. The soothing windy climate, relaxing environment in a peaceful and noiseless place is what makes it a blissful destination. You can see the wonderful crystal-clear water which surrounds it. Redang has some high standard hotels for their guest which offer great services and make the stay amazing. You have so much to do at this island firstly it offers you diving. It’s a fantastic chance for you to have a view of sea creatures most of which you have never seen such as blacktip reef, hump head parrot fish, cuttlefish, turtles and much more. Not only this but you might get a chance to see sharks and manta rays.

Snorkeling can be a lovely experience for you at this island, the equipment is available for rent. Some resorts offer you to directly snorkel from the beach. If you snorkel at the marine park you would come across big fishes and even cute turtles.Mostly the restaurants at this beach offer great food and a few are privately owned as well. You can also have great drinks and beverages while enjoying the ravishing scenic views.

The best time to visit this place is in the month of April to October. Other than that it might not be as enjoyable to visit this place as it would be in these months because in other months mostly the water is due to monsoon is less ravishing and you might not be able to see everything. It has its own airport and the fee to the marine park is 5 RMB.

  • Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island –

This is another classy and delightful island for you to relax and have fun. This island located on the Westside of Peninsular Malaysia. It is really close to the border of Thailand and also consists of lovely tropical grounds. It has a small number of Chinese and Indian population as well along with majorly consisting of Malay, s. The source of earning for these people is fishing and the cultivation of rice. Moreover, this island receives 2.5 million tourists every year and apart from the beautiful water, natural views which attract the tourist they mainly also come here because its cheap. A bottle of wine is sold at half the price than in other cities of Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur.

This place can be accessed without any major efforts has fetching beaches and overall the island is brilliant. You can visit this place all year around and it also rains all year around. From May- September it rains more heavily than in other months. This picturesque island is also famous among couples who love to have a stay at this island which can entertain them easily for one week and you can extend the stay if you love to spend time in a peaceful calm place.

This adorable island has so many impressive sights and attractions for you. You can spend in a cozy evening at the resort while at night you can do shopping and can roam around in the markets and enjoy the overall stay over there.

  • Tioman Island

Tioman Island –

This astonishing island is the 3rd best island on our list in Malaysia is well known for its cool diving and snorkeling activities. This island has few things offered at a rate lower than in other islands especially alcohol. There are also a number of nice bars to have fun at night. The nightlife is good at this island. The inner area od island is mostly jungle while its outer side mostly the ends are populated to some extent.

This place is loved by people for its natural surroundings. Although it’s not the same as it still retained a lot of beauty. if you are not a diver but want to have fun in water then snorkeling is a good option for you. This island like other many other islands offers. On this island when you are making reservations then do check which resorts have a reef where you can snorkel in front of the cabana. Moreover, the equipment can be rented from the resort and there are some shops where this equipment is also available. Apart from that, you might be asked to wear a life vest so that you don’t drown instead stay on top of the water. Few places where people prefer to snorkel are Paya, Tekek and Ayer Batang.

Apart from diving and snorkeling, there are some other great things for you to try on this island as well. It has a few jungle treks where you can have a walk and experience the jungle wildlife, cross the bushes, see beautiful trees, and come across many animals. Then for golf lovers, this island has the Berjaya Tioman Resort where golf enthusiasts can play golf. Although fishing is not allowed in the marine park you can enjoy fishing in a few other places. Other than that, this place same wonderful beaches for you where you can relax and sit under the sun to get warm. Mukut waterfall is where a lot of locals and tourist go to hang out. All of this is what tiomen island offer you. It is a tranquil island which you will have a fantastic time so if you plan to go to Malaysia this year, don’t forget to visit this island for a lovely experience.

Things To Do In Malaysia

Malaysia has so much for you. A tourist who came here love this place and want to come again it offers great experiences and some unforgettable memories to take back home. A few places are Cameron Highlands, Twin towers, gardensPenang, Penang street food, Kuala Lumpur’s Little India, Petronas view Kuala Lumpur, Vegetarian monastery meal Kuala Lumpur, Village in the hills, Kuala Lumpur, Sandakan Memorial Park, Borneo, Malacca guesthouse, Petronas Twin tower Kek Lok Si Temple, Batu Caves, Semenggoh Nature Reserve, North Borneo Railway, Bukit Bintang, Bako National Park, Kinabatangan River and many more. We will tell you about 4 places where you must go when you plan a visit to Malaysia.

  • Petronas Twin Tower

Petronas Twin Tower –

This is what makes Malaysia very popular. Twin towers are the tallest twin buildings in the world. Every day thousands of people come to visit this place. The tickets are free but an only limited number of tickets are available every day so you need to get up early in the morning to make sure you get a ticket because most people wait in long lines to get the tickets. These stunning towers offer break taking views of the entire city. As these are the tallest buildings in Malaysia you can see the whole city from the towers.

The Petronas twin towers timings are 9 am to 5 pm and is only not open to visitors on Monday and public holidays. The tickets are given on daily basis and there is no advanced booking of the ticket. The tickets are given in time slot of 15 minutes to 20 visitors at a time so you have to make sure that once you get the ticket you need to go 15 minutes before it’s your time to go inside the tower to make sure that you reconfirm your reservation. You can wait for your turn in the gallery which has interesting things displayed for you related to the twin towers.

There is also a 3D auditorium where you can know about how these twin towers were made and the entire idea behind these towers.

The sky bridge is on the 41st floor and you get 10-15 minutes to take pictures and enjoy the views. Then the Observation Deck is on the 86th floor from where you can entirely see the entire KhulaLumpur. The 360 views from this tower is just awesome. You would defiantly enjoy your visit to this place so when you visit khula Lumpur do come here.

  • The Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands –

This is the other favorites place among tourist to visit in Pahang Malaysia. It’s a great spot for hiking and is the most famous hill station. This region was discovered in 1885 and from that time onwards it became a popular place for tourist to go. The climate is marvelous. It will make you feel so fresh and relax. It great if you want to enjoy the air, the calm atmosphere and want to walk on farms of strawberries and vegetables. You will get lost in the beauty of all these ravishing plants, wildlife, greenery tall trees etc. There is no fee to enter the trail but if you don’t have a car then you can join the tour, locals people run tours and it’s a great thing to do if you want to get across the narrow roads.

  • Beautiful Gardens , Penang

Beautiful Gardens , Penang –

If you love nature then the tropical spice garden is an ideal place for you to visit. This is an astounding garden which provides you will a peaceful and calm environment to relax and enjoy the stunning natural views. If you want to purchase souvenirs then you can have them also as there are shops on the sites which have beautiful souvenirs for you. If you want to spend some time in a quiet secluded place away from the noisy country then you can come here to have some quality time.

  • Penang Street Food

Penang Street Food –

if you are a food lover and want to try Malaysian cuisines then head to the Penang food street where you would find a variety of food that will soften your taste buds. Try to reach this place early around 12, before the prayer finishes because after that the locals come as well and the place gets so crowded. The most famous dish which people love to eat over here is ray fish curry. You can come here by taxi or just sit on the no 1 bus from George Town and come here. You need to visit this food street where locals offer delicious food at a reasonable price.

  • Village JandaBaik, Near Kuala Lumpur

Village JandaBaik –

If you want to see the lifestyle and culture in a village then you can visit the Janda Baik village.G grab a taxi and you will reach this place after a 45 min ride. This is a lovely place which is much different than the crowded cities. Very peaceful an secluded. It is not very popular among tourist right now but it is gaining popularity slowly. There are small roads on which you can just walk and can see everything, the hotels, shops. You will see lots of trees in this village and will hear the sounds of monkeys as well. All this will be something which you have never experienced before. This place is great and you should really visit this place where you can ride on bicycles and feel like going In the past away from the headache lives of the cities.

  • Taman Negara

Taman Negara –

This is the oldest rain forest in Malaysia which has the most scenic views. It has wonderful waterfalls, tall beautiful trees, can play walkways and also the jungle tracks. This is the house for animals like elephants, tigers. leopards, rhinos, however, there is not much chance that you would be able to see these things because they are less in number. You would be able to have sightings of pretty birds, deer, tiger etc. If you are a person who really wants to spend time with nature and love birds and animals then you can come here and have fun. This place is great for you to see all these things capture them on your phones.

Malaysia is not only full of great places but also has some tasty restaurants as well which offer all sorts of food. We have found the 2 best restaurants which should be your first preference when you go to Malaysia.

  • Chocha Food Store

Chocha Food Store –

This amazing restaurant located in khula lumper. It offers the best food in the town. The overall looks of this place are adorable which is all set up in a shop along Jalal pedaling. The food offered is mouthwatering, this place is loved by the locals and well as the tourist. There are wooden benches and tables, this place is decorated with beautiful plants and also pots filled with herbs. The 2 most famous dishes of this place are the Chinese pesto flat noodles, and the duck confit rice. Other than that, the food mostly here is local while giving it a little touch of international recipes. It also has a wide range of beverages for you. They also offer Chinese tea and there is a variety of wines to choose from which are imported. This is an awesome restaurant and if you once went there you would definitely go again to enjoy your lunch or dinner as this place which offers tasty and good quality food in a natural environment.

  • Marini on,s 57

If you plan to visit Malaysia then obviously you would be going to the famous Petronas twin towers. This restaurant is located on the 57 floors. This is a picturesque restart which is designed beautifully. The staff here is highly skilled and friendly which offers the best service. This place offers Italian food, Pasta, spaghetti and much more. The food is so flavorful that you would never forget the taste. There is also a bar which offers a variety of wines to choose from, it also has many cocktails as well. The music is also played in the background and there are different types of music to choose from such as jazz, dance tunes and many other. If you want to eat something delicious and love Italian place then this restaurant should be on the top of your list of restaurants.

When you decide a place where you plan to spend your vacations you need to keep this in mind that finding a good hotel is also equally important because of it where you come after spending the entire day exploring different places. We have found out the 2 best hotels which will provide you with a great experience and you would defiantly love your stay in these hotels.

  • The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi

The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi –

This is one of the top hotels in Malaysia. This hotel is nothing less than a paradise. Each bedroom has a TV, attached bathroom, a wardrobe and a seating area. The hotel has its own beach, the tennis court where you have fun with your friends and family. Other than that, has free WIFI which is extremely important nowadays. They have a restaurant and also a bar. Guest can have meals at the restaurant the food is great and the bar offers some good quality wines, so even if you are at the hotel you won’t get bored. It’s such an amazing and beautiful place that you would love to stay here. This hotel has a playground for children as well so that they don’t annoy their parents and play over there and have fun.

This is a great place to stay in Malaysia and offers the best value for money compared to another hotel, You should consider this hotel when coming to Malaysia and you would never regret your decision if you decide to stay over here.

  • Soho Suites KLCC By Aloha Homes

Soho Suites KLCC –

Aloha homes offer awesome accommodation with beautifully designed rooms, fully furnished and also the have the facility of free WIFI. The room has comfortable beds, A TV and apart from that it has a kitchen where you can cook your own food, the bathroom is also there but rooms don’t have separate bathrooms, mostly attached bathrooms are there in these homes, Sultan Abdul Aziz Airport is 17.7 km away from this place and overall the experience over here would be great. This place is a few km away from Khula Lumpur. If you want to stay at a place which provides a comfortable stay at a reasonable price then this place in a great option for you where you can get everything at a good price and they also offer the best value for money.

Conclusion: If your next destination for holidays is going to be Malaysia, which has uncountable breathtaking places for you to discover. It has a rich culture and a diverse landscape, astonishing forest, stunning wildlife, ravishing natural views, fetching gardens and much more then you need to do some research so that you know which places you should really visit and what food you must try, to help you we have provided you with few places which shall be on the top of your list along with 2 best restaurants and hotels as well that you can make a good decision.