TOURISM IN PAKISTAN: A perfect and safe destination

Whenever one thinks of Pakistan, terrorism comes in mind. Among all the confusion, we have forgotten the beauty of Pakistan landscape. Pakistan is awesome it is full of spectacular locations which will make you fall in love with Pakistan all over again. If you love travelling Pakistan is the perfect place to visit. Pakistan is full of beautiful natural places and rich cultures, specially the northern area of Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of history and travelers can get a supreme traveling destination.



Badshahi Mosque Lahore
Badshahi Mosque Lahore

It was made in Mughal era by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Badshahi Masjid is located in Lahore the capital of Punjab. Tourists interested in religious antiquities visit there. Many guides there, are in attendance to take tourists into the mosque and brief them about the history of  badshahi masjid. Guides charge money for this inside tour, without hiring a guide no one can visit in the mosque neither a tourist nor a local. In there, is a famous wall that has corner designed in such a way that if one speaks into the wall from one corner other one could listen it clearly at the other corner of the wall. It was especially designed for the wars.



Lahore is recognized for its gardens and known as city of gardens. Shalimar garden was made in the time of Mughals. Shah jahan was the ruler of the state. It was made basically for the purpose to delight the guests and a large portion of this garden was also open for public. Garden structure contains resting and sleeping place for begums of Mughals, baradaries (to enjoy the coolness of the area). The place was known as baradari because it comprises of  twelve doors so air can pass through. Minarets are located in the corner of the garden. Now days  Shalimar garden is all open for general public and many people go there for picnic and take some snacks with them. Many flower exhibitions are also held in spring in this garden.



Mazar e Quaid Karachi
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A former place and soul of Karachi and as well as whole Pakistan was delineated in 1960. It is the final resting place of founder of Pakistan and his sister Fatima Ali Jinnah. The tomb is so brightened and  can be seen from far away. It is always crowded with large number of people. General public can visit the tomb but with bare feet inside the mausoleum, one need to take off the shoes while entering mausoleum. Whole floor is covered with white marble which gives a cool effect in summers as people are bare feet. Actual grave of Quaid is in the basement of the mazar, general public could not visit there. It is a simple grave covered with sand nothing else and floor is also left simple without any covering. Many pomp are conducted there in the mausoleum , official or military.



It was rediscovered in 1920 while digging. It is 4000 years old city. The houses build in the city were spacious, houses and even the streets were made of solid bricks. It is evident from the ruins of the city that their homes were well furnished and incorporated bathrooms. It is an attractive spot for tourists. Train leaves from Karachi around 8 Pm and reaches Mohenjo daro in approximately 9 hours. At the station of Mohenjo daro there are many rickshaws waiting for the ride to come and they take them to archaeological site in 300 to 400 Rs. Trains are safe and passenger has the option to choose whether to go for air conditioned seats or normal one depending upon the budget.



Quaid e azam residency is former place. Quaid of Pakistan spent his last most painful day in this house while fighting with his incurable disease. He house is made of wood. It is a beautiful wooden cottage in ziarat. It was constructed in 1892.

In 2013 residency was targeted with rocket and the wooden structure was badly affected by that, but afterword government took the responsibility and renovated the whole house again. Now there is a museum through which life style of Quaid is visible that where he use to do what. It’s a perfect place to visit in ziarat for locals and as well as tourists.



Hannah lake is a beautiful lake situated in Urak valley in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. Hannah lake is deep-freeze in winters. All over the lake it looks like a plain floor and gets so slippery. There is an eatery place at the lake side with the tables under pine trees, people can enjoy the atmosphere and the food  simultaneously. This is a beautiful place to visit. This pleasing lake  is in the hit list of tourists. Even for locals it a mesmerizing place, a perfect place for locals to escape from their busy and monotonous routine. Since 2000 the lake dried up and many fishes and birds were killed. But again in 2011 lake filled up with water thus giving life to marine life and flowers.          

Hnna lake Quetta Balochistan
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Malam jabba is a small vllage situated in Hindu Kash Mountains, it is a hill resort and a perfect holiday destination. There are two main and most popular key resorts in Pakistan and Malam jabba is one of the two. One could never envisage ski in Pakistan. But malam jabba became one. Malam jabba was stocked with many contemporary things. Activities here included  roller/ice-skating rinks, chair lifts, skiing platforms, but destroyed by taliabans after-words. Government of Pakistan reestablished the skiing platform and made a big and main tourist attraction as security situations are also under control. Resort is an entertaining as well as a beautiful place for tourists. This resort is owned by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. Now government of Pakistan is looking forward to launch a hotel Pearl Continental in Malam jabba in 2019 that will enhance the value of this tourists spot. An absolute point for travelers includes:

  • Luxury Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shop
  • Banquet halls
  • Conference Rooms Business Lounge
  • Gym
  • Laundry



Lake Saif ul malook KPK
Lake Saif ul malook KPK

Lake saif ul malook is one of the topmost attraction of Pakistan. Name of this lake was given on the name of the prince. his name was also Saif Ul Malook. An alluring clean lake with bluish greenish water making valley so peaceful refreshing. This beautiful lake lies in Kaghan valley. Multiple glaciers come and falls in this lake. This lake has large amount of eco effect. People there speak the names loudly and can hear their words again. A remarkable magical lake, completely frozen in winters that one could see his/her own image. During the month of June till September, temperature is perfect to visit and that is the time when boating is also available for people who are interested. This exquisite lake is much famous for its history, it is basically a love story that attracts tourists from all over the world. The story is about Saif ul malook who was a prince fell in love with Badi ul Jama ho was a fairy.



Highland Islamabad
Highland Islamabad

A beautiful drive through margalla hills crossing damane koh and going towards pir suhawa and then all the way to Highland, a restaurant and a mollifying place for the visitors. Highland is a resort where there is a restaurant and now accommodation is also available. Apartments are constructed there so people can stay there. It is an expensive place for accommodation and even for food. But the scenery is worthy. Roads are now developed.. The ambiance is remarkable. It is wonderful place if one has to get way from bustling life of city. There two things to be taken care of :

  1. Drive slow and safe.
  2. Try to plan the trip during the day time as roads are curvy.

But never the less, food is amazing and the atmosphere is pleasing. One can enjoy the nature, can sit under the trees open air or inside.



Caves of Shah Allah Ditta, Islamabad
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Shah allah ditta is a village located in the foothill of margalla hills. Initially is was just a village but now its is a proper tourist spot with some history associated. Shah allah ditta is famous for its caves where budhas monks used to meditate. Budhas appear on the walls of the caves. There is a small pond of fishes in front of the caves. Walls and the sketches are more prominent at night in the lights, at day time lights are not on and there is so dark in the cave. Roads are not build they are rough and very jerky. But from budhas caves when going up-word there is now a proper sitting place with some music and food snacks. Visitors can visit caves and then can enjoy scenery while sitting there and having some snacks. It is not a cheap place but not even an expensive one. But visit must be planned during day time to enjoy the natural beauty and giving warmth to eyes.



Pakistan is an extensively misrepresented country. Pakistan is not safe, but that is only media. You can visit Pakistan for sure. The beautiful places of Pakistan attracts the tourists and are quite safe.

Safe and calm Pakistan
Safe and calm Pakistan

Majority areas of Pakistan are safe. Certainly, there might be risk at some places in Pakistan and you could find police and army officers but they are only for your security no need to be afraid. Knowing about risk and preparing yourself for them can really help. Here are some tips for travelling safe.

  1. Very important thing is to keep an eye on local media as situations can change.
  2. If you want to know where you can travel safely ask local authorities.
  3. Try to stay away from protests.
  4. Stay away from politics and always keep a cool head..
  5. Don’t get swept up in religious discussions.
  6. Respect their cultures and customs even in dressing.
  7. If you are planning to travel to hilly areas you need know weather forecast.
  8. If you can learn some urdu it will make your trip convenient and safer.
  9. If you do not want to get scammed you should know about Pakistani currency.

Pakistan is much safer than you think definitely.



Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation is Pakistan tourism department by government of Pakistan. PTDC consist of board of directors and this department is governed by these directors. PTDC provides transportation to different areas mostly in northern areas and runs several motels.


  • Basic objective of PTDC is development and improvement of PTDC hotels and motels throughout Pakistan to attract tourists.
  • To make people aware about different your packages and tourist transportation.
  • To conduct seminar to create awareness of tourism.


  1. Astak
  2. Khalti(Ghizer)
  3. Ayubia
  4. Booni
  5. Besham
  6. Chitral
  7. Karimabad, Hunza
  8. Khuzdar, Balochistan
  9. Miandam, Swat
  10. Saidu sharif, Sawat
  11. Panakot
  12. Satpara
  13. Sust, Hunza
  14. Torkham, near Peshawar
  15. Wagha, near Lahore
  16. Ziarat, Quetta
  17. Naran
  18. Shogran
  19. Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan
  20. Khaplu, Ghanche

PTDC is actually there for the ease of tourists so that tourists can see beautiful places of Pakistan with comfort. PTDC was a neglected department by government before 2018 but in 2018 new government focused on this department to promote tourism.  For further information about the fairs, packages and more information you can visit PTDC site.



Travelers are usually looking for the comprehensive plans in travel insurance. Different companies offers different travel insurance plans that covers different risks e.g. trip cancellation, baggage loss, medical emergencies etc. Insurance companies may include lesser types or may cover maximum types of risk it depends upon the package and traveler what he/she needs. In Pakistan there are many companies that offers travel insurance and have collaborated with different airlines. Main big companies for domestic as well as foreigners are Askari insurance, EFU insurance and Adamjee insurance. But the most convenient way of travel insurance in Pakistan is through travel agencies and travel agents.


Pakistan is a blessed country, it is an under discovered gem. Pakistan is naturally so beautiful. Anyone looking for adventure will like Pakistan. Here were some main attractions of Pakistan. What actually is needed is to discover Pakistan’s beauty and develop them so that people can go there. This could also be a main earning sector of Pakistan from where revenues could be generated.


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