People love traveling, and a journey without eating is incomplete. People love spending money on traveling and so as on food. When people visit to any country travelers definitely go for shopping and see attractions, while doing these activities one can feel hungry and want to go for delicious and the special food of that area. So here are some world’s flavorsome cuisines and their mouthwatering dishes.



This cuisine incorporates everything from spicy and sour to sweet. It is a complex cuisine. Mexican cuisine is famous for its different flavors, beautiful decoration and various spices. Mexican food uses chili peppers for flavor. Some of the famous dishes of Mexican cuisine are:

Tacos, Mexico

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Homemade unleavened flat bread made of hominy known as tortilla, which is stuffed with small chunks of beef which are grilled before in little oil and sea salt then it is covered with salsa, cilantro, guacamole or anything you want. It can be served at breakfast or any meal even in snacks.

Fajitas, Mexico

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Fajitas of Mexico are very famous. It is a sizzling meat served with sour cream, onion, capsicum and salsa which is eaten with a warm flour tortilla. In preparing of sizzling meat garlic, chilies, lemon juice, dried oregano and more spices are used.

Guilt-Free Chicken Tacos

guilt free chicken tacos
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Fresh lettuces leaves are taken on which then chicken chunks are placed which are very juicy. It is very easy to make, yet very tasty and healthy snack. Chunk of boneless chicken is used with some tacos, garlic, lemon juice and tortilla chips.

Chocolate, Mexico

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Mexico chocolates are very famous all over the world, cocoa beans are extracted from the jungles, it has a bitter-sweet taste and used to make chocolate with added sugar or without sugar and wrapped in fancy packing. These chocolates are widely used in Easter, Valentine’s Day, Charismas and other ceremonies.



Turkey is the country that is really conscious about its taste in food. People of turkey can cook any vegetable you name and in most tasty way. Turkey is also famous in seafood as it is close to sea. Turkish delights are also very famous all over the world, sweets are made from different flavors, to make delight sweeteners are used than sugar .

Yaprak Sarma

Yaprak Sarma
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Yaprak Sarma is a tradition food of Turkey. It is prepared with filling onions, mint, rice, currant, pepper, cinnamon in vine leaves and then they are steamed. Yaprak Sarma has different amount of flavors. While preparing this dish you may find it time taking but it is worthy.


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Lahmacun is flat and very crispy just like pizza with topping of meat, lemon juice on bread and salad. It is very popular street food all around Turkey. To prepare Lahmacun take meet into a large bowl add grated tomatoes, onions, parsley, pepper and salt in that bowl, mix all well. Separately add some water in flour to make the dough. Cook it and eat it.


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Manti is prepared by boiling or frying dumplings of lamb/beef along with various spices. Manti is basically Turkish version of Italian dish prepared with meat with some spices, garlic and tomato sauce.


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Lokum is a Turkish delight; this dessert is a jelly like cube. This nougat dessert is flavored with lemon, mastic or rosewater at the end dusted with powdered sugar. But it can be prepared in many different ways. It is truly a mouthwatering delight and to taste it at the place where it was originated it is truly a privilege. People even sometimes bring back boxes.



If you are fond of eating pizza and pasta then you must know that from where it was actually originated. Yes, it is from Italian cuisine. Pizza is popular fast food all over the Italy and world. Pizza incorporates rich ingredients with its crispy dough base. Italian cuisine has influences of other cuisines like Jewish, Greek, Roman and Etruscan.

Neapolitan pizza, Italy

Neapolitan pizza
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Neapolitan pizza is simple pizza yet a best one. Neapolitan pizza is all time favorite pizza of Italians and even all over the world. Its dough is made from hands and cooked on wooden fire. With just few ingredients it tastes so tasty. Ingredients used are tomatoes, basils, salt, olives and olive oil. Neapolitan created this food, pizza named on its creator.

Lasagna, Italy

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Second to pizza in Italian cuisine’s list is lasagna. Lasagna is prepare from pasta, layered with tomato sauce infused, baked in oven .It takes hardly 30 minutes to get ready. It has noodles in it with beef, Italian sausages, onions, cloves, dried basil, parsley, eggs, cheese (Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta). Lasagna is enjoyed by both kids and as well as adults.

Fettucini alfredo, Italy

Fettuccine Alfredo
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Futtucini alfredo is a famous Italian dish, rich in cream. It takes almost 15 minutes to get ready. Main ingredients are cream, Parmesan cheese and butter. Fettucini alfredo is served in dinner or lunch, it is a main course. Pasta use in this dish is called fettucini, this dish is popular in United States even. People also use boneless chicken, mushrooms, olives, parsley and even beef to make Fettucini alfredo.

Tiramisu – The ‘pick-me-up’ cake

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Tiramisu is a mouthwatering delight prepared just in 10 minutes, coated with a creamy mascarpone mixture. The word Tiramisu means “pick me up”. This dessert has rich and creamy texture. It has taste of espresso, chocolates and almonds. Some basic ingredients of this delight are cocoa, vanilla extract, sugar, cream and more.



Spanish food is generally leafy food. It is popular for fish, meat and leafy vegetables. People fond of leafy food like Spanish food very much. Most cuisines in this world use oil in their dishes in higher quantity and so Spanish dishes, because mostly seafood is cooked and preferred in Spain. Spain’s wines are admired all over the world, it is made of fruits in a unique way. Sangria is one type of wine that is mostly used with food.

Seafood paella, Spain

seafood paella
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A popular dish of Spain is paella that can be prepared from shrimps, mussels, lobster and cuttlefish served with white rice. Different types of herbs are added in it with little amount of oil and salt. Preparing time of this dish is almost 40 minutes. Prawns are cooked in olive oil with onions, paella rice, Garlic cloves, paprika, saffron, tomatoes, peas and baby beans.

Tortilla Espanola

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Tortilla is a Spanish omelette and a favorite Spanish dish. Spanish people usually eat this dish as a starter in breakfast, dinner or lunch. Everyone tells their own recipe to cook this dish.    This is actually a Spanish potato omelet; there are 3 to 4 layers that make one tortilla. Batter of eggs is made and pepper is added in it with salt to taste then boiled, sliced potatoes are also added., this batter is then poured in a pan and cooked. This process is done 3 to 4 times and then put on other layer and served with ketchup. A tasty snack is ready for you.

Cured meats

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Ham is everywhere in Spain, Jamon is one type of ham which is an expensive one because pig is raised in a special way. Pigs are fed with acorn and are free range, it is the top category of pig others are cheaper. You will see thin legs of pork’s curved in a distinctive way hanging in the bars or restaurants. They are also used with sweet and spicy flavor. First meat is marinated in salt and refrigerated and then cooked in oven.

Fried milk      

Fried milk
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You might not or might found this sweet dish on the menu of restaurant but it in one of the Spanish favorite and a unique delight. It’s a must try dessert for sure, it is a mouthwatering combination of milk pudding, encasing flour and eggs, to make it more attractive it in dusted with some cinnamon powder and sugar. Some ingredients this sweet dish incorporates are granulated sugar, cornstarch, milk, butter, lemon peels, eggs, plain bread crumbs and nuts. Another popular dessert in Spain is torrijas made from bread soaked in sugar and milk and then fried until crispy and color changes to light brown.



The cosmic taste of French food indescribable. Words are never enough to describe the flavor of French food. France has a wide range in food, astonishing bonnons, beef stew and fish. French are immensely versatile when it comes to choose food. Whenever you get a chance to visit France must try beef stew and scrumptious fish, do not miss it.

Nicoise salad           

Nicoise Salad
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Nicoise salad is a famous French salad which is a typical salad from Provence region. It is usually served as a side dish, some people like to have this salad as a meal. It is basically amalgamation of lettuce, boiled eggs, tuna fish, tomatoes green beans and olives. You can also add red wine if you want for some additional taste.

Croissant, France

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Cracking pastry is prepared in butter to make it smooth, raspberry jam is spread all over the Flaky pastry. Croissant is eaten in breakfast and even with tea, it is really soft. Croissants are made of yeast, sugar, flour, milk, butter, eggs, and water. You would love the taste.

Chocolate soufflé

Chocolate Soiffle'
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Souffle`is a French word which means ‘blow out’ and it is well ventilated. Souffle` is an egg baked dish that was originated in 18th century. It is a sweet dish and eaten after the main course. Ingredients added in this delight are butter, sugar, chopped chocolate, vanilla extract, egg yolks and cream of tartar.

Tarte tatin

tarte tatin
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It is known that French apple tarte was invented by mistake in 1898. Stephanie Tartin was the woman who was trying to prepare traditional apple pie and end up in making French apple tarte. Stephanie by mistake left the apples in butter and sugar on the flame for very long time and then she served it upside down tart because it was burned little bit. But the result was amazing and there she came with this delight. Ingredients used in preparing tart tatin are sugar, apples peeled, flour and unbaked pie crust.


Putting this article in nutshell, food is basic need of human being and even means towards life. You travel around the world and can taste different types of dishes. This article helps you to know about the specialties of the country in food so you do not miss the tasty food of that area. Have a wonderful and lively trip with toothsome food!

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