Spooky Food of Our Sphere

When People travel, there is so much to know about the place – their culture, lifestyle, fancy places and shopping malls, last but not the least “food”. A trip is not complete unless you have experience a surprise meal of that place. From fine cuisines to the weirdest food, this world is filled with thousands of flavor – strange, pungent and literally scary food. So keep your eyes open because when you are travelling you are going to encounter lots of unusual food. Most of the people found these food gross but only the daring one’s going to taste it and yes these people surely have some stories to brag about in-front of their friends! But the amazing thing is that you will be surprised to know that most people who taste weird food ending up liking it.

spooky food
image source https://thailand.tripcanvas.co/bangkok/unique-weird-things-to-do/

In this particular article we are going to tell you about the food that are weird but popular. There are varieties of strange food but amazing thing is some tastes incredibly good. So, we are going to mention Weirdest Food one can have, so open your mind, be courageous and get ready to give a shock to your taste buds.

Eccentric Food that tastes Incredible

You are going to be amazed, shocked or even impressed by the food we are going to list down. We are sure; you have never thought of it ever or thought that this kind of food can even exist. But yes, they do! Are you daring enough to taste it?

  1. Escamole – Mexico
    Pronunciation: es-ka-mo-leh

Escamole is a Mexican ancient dish that used to be consumed by the Aztecs as a delicacy. Basically it’s fried ant larvae and Aztecs used to have it as it is. Currently in Mexico, to make it fancy and popular; it is now used as taco toppings, taste addition in an omelet, one can make their own ant-larvae burrito and even served with guacamole. It is pretty weird to imagine eating ant larvae but in real these eggs are pleasant in taste. These larvae are usually pan-fried in butter with seasoning of spices, these larvae tastes like light nutty flavor with a crunchy texture.

image source https://languajob.com/weirdest-foods-from-around-the-world/

All ants’ larvae are not used to prepare this dish, only velvety tree ants are consumed to prepare escalome. The harvest of larvae is difficult in the months of February to April, they have limited harvest of larvae in these months. So now you know why this dish is in high demands and obviously pretty expensive.

  1. Fugu – Japan
    Pronunciation: fiu-go or who-go

Most of the people never thought of what kind of meal they are devouring, they do not consider the possibility of death. Whoever eats Fugu must consider this possibility of death at high rate. Japanese delicacy is prepared from the Japanese puffer fish named Fugu, which contains sufficient poison to kill 30 people at a time. Fugu liver, intestines and ovaries are completely filled with poison, the chefs who prepared this expensive delicacy Fugu, must undergo years and years of training. These chefs have to earn the license of preparing Fugu.

image source https://foodiepink.blog/2015/05/24/fuku-fine-fugu-kaiseki-restaurant-mohamed-sultan-road/

Fugu is cut as paper-thin as sashimi, grilled as served in a stew. Fugu has an unrefined taste and chewy texture to chew when it is raw, but once it is cooked properly it has a smooth velvety texture and chewiness go away with a prominent delicious taste. To prepare Fugu one must prepare this dish cautiously because a tiny mistake in the preparation can cause delay to deliver this delicacy to its end-consumer. This delicacy of Japan is available in month of October to March when Fugu is available in the season.

  1. Prairie Oysters – Canada
    Pronunciation: pr-ay-ree oi-st-er
rocky mountain
image source https://www.horseshoehillcafe.com/article.asp?id=731

Canadian Prairie Oysters and are not Oysters at all. This ravishing dish is actually prepared from bull testicles and it’s known by the name Rocky Mountain Oysters. Prairie Oysters are found throughout the grazing livestock country, the ones who want to taste it in Canada should head towards Alberta. This delightful dish is only served in summers and is mostly served as an appetizer. The preparation includes sautéing or frying of the testicles which are generally served with spices, herbs, dips and sauces for a cowboy cuisine taste.

  1. Bird’s Nest Soup – China/Malaysia
    Pronunciation: it’s exactly how you read!
bird's nest
image source https://www.eggs.ca/recipes/steamed-birds-nest-soup

This dish is prepared from, exactly it name implicit – yes it is prepared from Swiftlet Bird Nest. As weird as it seems, this dish considered as a delicacy in major parts of the Asia and yes it’s quite costly. Swiftlet bird nest is found in mountain top caves in pitch-dark area. In China and Malaysia, these nests are obtained by ladders and nests have to be chosen carefully. Once nest are obtained then they are thoroughly washed and rinsed, leaving a shell behind which is actually made up from bird’s saliva. This delicacy of bird’s nest is cooked in a way that final product has a gooey thick texture with a light but savory taste. There is no smell and it turns out to be a very special and delicious taste.

  1. Gaebul – South Korea
    Pronunciation: guy-bul
image source http://www.eatinkorea.com/en/food/gaebul

Gaebul is a marine worm that is found in the mudflats of south and west-south of Korea. Gaebul are also captured in China, Japan and Russia. After thorough washing and rinsing of Gaebul, it is consumed alive and raw in Korea. Yes, you are reading it correctly, Gaebul is eaten as it is, bite size pieces of Gaebul are simply dipped in vinegar-y sauce and people enjoy its sweet flavor and palatable chewy texture. Gaebul is available round the year, fat worm is also eaten by simply dipped in salt and sesame oil sauce. The important part and beauty of this dish is that, it should be served so fresh that it should jiggle in the plate even though it’s been cut into the bite size. This dish is not taken as a main course but it is more of a side dish or something to chew when you are having a beer or soju.

  1. Haggis – Scotland
    Pronunciation: ha-gh-is
image source https://worldoffoodanddrink.worldtravelguide.net/food/edinburgh-food-drink-guide-10-things-to-try-in-edinburgh-scotland/

National dish of Scotland – Haggis, is a mixture of sheep’s heart, lungs and liver with is prepared in spices, oatmeal, onion and stock. The authentic way to prepare Haggis is to stuff the mixture into a sheep’s stomach and then leave it to simmer. This delicious dish is continuing from 1400’s and today Haggis been served as a main course typically eaten with turnips and mashed potatoes. Normally, Scottish serves this dish with Scotch whisky. Haggis can be easily purchased from grocery stores where they have ready-made Haggis; it is an excellent source of fiber and iron.

Inexplicable Food

There are some extraordinary dishes that you can’t explain, but it might be possible that they are surprisingly delicious. The only question is, are you brave enough to taste these enigmatic dishes?

  1. A-ping – Cambodia
    Pronunciation: ah-ping
image source https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/43bqmg/cambodias-supply-of-fried-tarantulas-is-under-threat

If you think, you have enough guts to taste weird food then this is surely a big challenge for you and for your taste buds. Test yourself by trying A-ping in Cambodia. A-ping is a deep fried spider – tarantula. This freaky dish was evolved in times of Pol Pot’s ruling era when people were forced to eat anything to keep them alive and survive the hunger. A-ping is now associated with the country’s gastronomy, you can get this crunchy creatures at every snack shop and don’t forget they are source of protein. Khmer women of Cambodia believe that eating tarantula will make them prettier. The art of eating A-ping is you start with crunchy legs, and then dive into the gooey part – body which is initially salty and garlicky but after that you found a bitter taste.

  1. Sannakji – South Korea
    Pronunciation: sah-nahk-jee

Sannakji – one of the most odd but unique food of the world. Sannakji is prepared from a young and living octopus. There is a huge debate regarding this dish, some says octopus is alive when it’s served other says that the wiggling of octopus is due to the neurons that are present in the tentacles of the octopus. A young octopus is chopped into small – bite size pieces and like Gaebul, octopus is wriggling on the plate. It is mostly served with a dipping sauce – soy-wasabi. In Sannakji, the chefs uses small octopus deliberately because small octopuses are not hard and chewy and they are easy to swallow. Small octopus is sweet and salty in taste.

image source https://richardpantry.com/what-does-octopus-taste-like/

This dish is not for the people with weak hearts; only the strong survivors can take the risk to experience it. The octopus can be extremely dangerous when swallowed; it has the ability to kill a human by choking onto it. Approximately six people lost their life due to consuming Sannakji. Once you have dipped a wriggling fresh piece of octopus in sauce, then you have to chew hard and fast enough to swallow it. If you swallow the octopus without choking and spitting it out, then congratulations you have completed Korean rite of passage.

  1. Surstromming – Sweden
    Pronunciation: suhr-strom-ing
image source http://www.orangesmile.com/extreme/en/disgusting-food/surstroemming-in-pitea-restaurants.htm

Swedish specialty – Surstromming a dish which is unreasonably smelly yet a delicacy but that’s what makes weird food so special. Surstromming is a Baltic Sea fish – Herring, which is gutted, soaked in salt and then left on open container to get fermented for several months within the temperature of 15-20° C. As you see the fish is fermented in open containers which makes it super smelly, due to this reason this dish has a strong odor and hence people does not consume it in closed places like cafes, building and apartments, rather then it is consumed outdoor during summers. Surstromming normally eaten with bread, the sandwich includes onion, dill, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes and potatoes.

  1. Hákarl – Iceland
    Pronunciation: hau-karl
image source https://entomologymanchester.wordpress.com/category/research/page/3/

National dish of Iceland’s Hákarl is like the father of Sweden’ Surstromming. Yes you are thinking right Surstromming is prepared with fermented Herring fish whereas Hakarl is prepared with fermented sharks. In Hakarl, special kind of sharks only used to made this dish, only Greenland shark or sleeper shark variety is used, which are gutted, cleaned and sharks are placed in a hole which is shallow in gruffly sand. The shark is then covered with sand and stones are placed all over it for about 2-3 months for fermentation. Once the sharks are fermented, then they are taken out of the sand and cut into the fine strips and then hung again for 4-5 months to let them dry. Hakarl is served in cubic cuts, on top of the toothpicks, it is quite chewy and it has a strong taste of fish. Hakarl is one smelly dish that because it has high ammonia level in it. One needs an iron stomach to digest this pungent dish.

  1. Fried Brain Sandwiches – U.S.A.
    Pronunciation: it’s exactly how you read!
fried brain
image source https://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/food/blog/13130312/are-you-gonna-eat-that-the-pigs-brain-and-egg-sandwich

Have you ever thought of French fries, hamburgers and fried -brain sandwiches? Yes, brain-fried sandwich made from fine slices of calves or brain of the pigs which are made up as thick batter and then deep fried it. In USA, there are some places where this sandwich is available. Specifically in Ohio River Valley, you will found this unusual sandwich in the menu card. This mysterious food was brought by immigrants of Holland and Germany, who doesn’t like to eliminate any kind of waste. This sandwich is rich and hence high on calories, it is typically served with pickled onions and mustard. The taste of the brain is very mild in the sandwich although batter has a profound taste in the sandwich.

  1. Casu Marzu – Italy
    Pronunciation: Ka-zu Maar-zoo
image source https://www.seafoodsherpa.com/casu-marzu/2018/7/25/sardinia-part-2-the-quest-for-casu-marzu

On the Italian island of Sardinia, there is delicacy that has been consumed from thousands of years. It is known as world’s most dangerous cheese. Yeah you heard it right! Casu Marzu literally means “Rotten Cheese” because this cheese is infested from thousands of live maggots. It’s the maggots that give this cheese instinctive texture and flavour. Here how it works, first they contain milk from sheep and then prepare cheese out of it, afterwards they allow sitting the flies on surface of the cheese and then those flies eat that cheese and lay eggs (maggots) inside cheese. When those eggs hatch, the larvae – Maggots eat through the cheese making the cheese more creamy and flavourful. After the time span of 2-3 months the cheese is ready to eat. The Sardinians are heart fan of these cheeses. Sardinian includes this cheese in every special occasion like wedding and birthdays.

Food for Thought

  1. Horseshoe – Illinois
    Pronunciation: hor-se shu
image source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW9EUIS4SVw

Joe Schweska created this amazing sandwich in 1920’s. The horseshoe sandwich is the most popular dish of Illinois, the filling of sandwich is not closed by the bread rather it is an open sandwich mainly consists of thick two pieces of slice preferably toasted bread, hamburger patty, loaded with French fries and cheese sauce on the top. In some places hamburger patties are replaced by different meats and instead or loading French fries, the sandwiches are loaded with tater tots. If you want to take a small version of sandwich, it is available with one bread and one serving of patty hence it is called “Pony Shoe”. You can also try Breakfast Horseshoe in which hamburgers are replaced with sausages; fries are replaced with hash browns. There is vast variety of Horseshoe sandwich, so grab the one you like!

  1. Loose Meat Sandwiches – Iowa
    Pronunciation: it’s exactly how you read!
loose meat
image source https://www.myrecipes.com/extracrispy/loose-meat-tavern-sandwich

Loose Meat Sandwiches also known as “Tavern Sandwich” is specialty of Iowa, USA. The sandwich is prepared with ground beef inside bun, layered with sautéed onions and if you want you can add toppings of your choice like ketchup, mustard, pickles, and cheese. Loose Sandwich is unlike hamburger patty, it is loose meat instead of a patty form, and this huge mountain of sandwich is full of proteins. This sandwich is loaded with taste of beef because there isn’t much of seasoning used in preparation of ground beef so you can have all the beefiness and flavor. However there is a great deal of skill used in handling and keeping the whole meal together on its way to your watery mouth.

  1. Wilted lettuce – Kentucky
    Pronunciation: wil-tid let-iss
image source https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/wilted-greens-with-bacon-vinaigrette-recipe-1910551

In Kentucky, Wilted Lettuce is the most popular salad and it is consumed in daily basis in each house. Traditionally, the main ingredients of this salad are: lettuce, cabbage, onion, and grease – any kind of oil fat. There are so much of variations of this salad over the time but what we found was mixture of clean and rinsed lettuce and cabbage, which were greased by heated fat oil. This recipe is mostly used in Kentucky area. People do variations in it to make it more flavorful like adding onion, salt, pepper and pieces of bacon. This salad, Wilted Lettuce is also known as Kilt Lettuce.

  1. Fluffernutters – Massachusetts
    Pronunciation: fl-uf-fer nut-te-rz
image source https://neighborfoodblog.com/2014/09/grilled-banana-fluffernutter-sandwiches.html

Fluffernutter is a popular sweet sandwich of US state Massachusetts. Fluffernutter was created in 20th century, and was invented in during World War I in Massachusetts. This sandwich was the initial known sample of sandwich. This sandwich is prepared with two slices of white bread, inside on one slice peanut butter is spread and on other piece marshmallow fluff or crème is spread. This sweet sandwich is mouthwatering for sweet-tooth’s also it is a flashback of your childhood. There are a lot of variations in this sandwich some people substitute the white bread with wheat bread, others incorporate various sweet and savory ingredients. Variations include Nutella hazelnut spread instead of peanut butter, adding fruit like bananas, this sandwich is often consider as variation of peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The fluffernutter term is also used to describe other deserts as well which prepared with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff or creme. The term was originally created in 1960’s by an advertising agency to make it more attractive and effective way to market the fluffernutter.

  1. Needhams – Maine
    Pronunciation: nee-dum
image source https://www.afamilyfeast.com/needhams-maines-famous-potato-candy/

Potato candies! Yes you heard it right. Needham candies are popular in Maine which contains potato. Potatoes are mashed so they give a texture like coconuts. Mainers are so fond of this candy that they include this candy in big but mostly in emotional occasions, like finding needhams in Christmas stockings, a lot of mothers are gifted with these candies on Mother’s Day. In Maine, needham can be found in every store, normally it is placed on cash counters. For preparation of this unique candy all you need is mashed potatoes, sugar, vanilla, coconut and salt. Once you have prepared the mixture then heat the chocolate and pour over the cubic size of potatoes mixture. Let it cool and you can enjoy Needhams Candy.

  1. Green Chile Sundae – New Mexico
    Pronunciation: gar-een ch-eh-lay sun-dae
green chile
image source https://www.stevesbeenthere.com/2015/03/review-caliches-frozen-custard-las-cruces.html

As the name describes it’s a sundae so obviously it’s going to be sweet desert. But have you ever thought of chili with something sweet! You don’t have to worry about this unique desert because it’s not chili as per its name. If you are scared enough to try on your own money, you can always ask the vendor to give you a sample for tasting. Their samples are small scoop serving itself. This Green Chile Sundae is one most amazing sundae you are going to have in your lifetime. Sundae is not the proper ice cream instead it’s a soft texture frozen custard and creamier than the ice cream. The Green Chile is a sweet sauce served as a topping, the sauce is nearly spicy; it gives a zing of butterscotch and a very definite green chili flavor. They also add some toppings like salted pecans nuts and handmade strawberry sauce.



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