Spain The Spicy Cultural Tourist Heaven

Everyone wants a break from their tough routine at least once in a year and prefer to go on a vacation to get relax and restore motivation and energy for another hectic year. This year if your next destination is going to be Spain which attracts a number of travelers everywhere then you need to stay tuned to have all the information you need about this place before going to visit Spain.

Spain is an enchanting country which is characterized by stunning museums, ravishing architecture, art galleries, sandy beaches, Great castles and palaces, breathtaking mountains covered in snow,graffiti-laden parks, lush natural sceneries and much more. Most popular are Madrid and Barceló, which dive in so travelers everywhere because of the huge footballer’s fan following. Spain is a perfect place for beach lovers and also for honeymooners. This is a quintessentially spectacular country to explore and have a wonderful experience. Spain is also greatly visited by food lover; delectable food variety is here which you need to get on hands on for a finger-licking experience.

There is so much in this charming country for you to explore. This is where all your dreams can come true, whether it’s of visiting a castle, sun soaking on an astounding beach, Want to visit heritage sites and a lot more than this. Let’s have a look at the best 3 castles in Spain where thousands of tourists flock every year.

Top 7 Castles In Spain

  • Castle of Coca

Castle of Coca –

This is an awesome castle which is beautifully made in Christian style although in Spain the majority of the castles are made in the Islamic style. This was built in the 15th century and the interior is captivating. The walls are made up of brick and it’s a rich mixture of western and the eastern designs. The walls are decorated and stand out among its surrounding. It is a luxurious castle which you must visit in Spain if you are fond of castles and palaces.

  •  The Alcázar of Segovia

The Alcázar of Segovia –

This castle is in the city of Segovia. It is an awe-inspiring castle which portrays the rich old history. This castle has been used an as a military academy where the troops were trained although it was first a fortress later own was made a royal palace as well. The credit for building this ravishing castle goes to the Berber Almoravid dynasty. It was constructed in the 12th century and later On it was extended and was made bigger around in the 13th and 14th century.

In 1862 Most part of the castle was badly destroyed due to the flame. The Islamic ceiling which is now is actually similar to old the one which was when this castle was built. In this castle, there are a lot of ravishing art pieces which shows the great skills of kings and queens of that time. One interesting thing it that number of castles were the inspiration behind the Cinderella castle in Disney land and this castle is one the those which inspired the construction of Cinderella castle in Disney land theme park.

  • Castle Palace of Olite

Castle Palace of Olite –

It is a prepossessing castle where the king and queen of Navarra lived till when they had conflicts with their previous castle and remained there still the reunion with the castle in the 16th century. There had been a number of transformations in this castle in 13th and 14th century. It was opened to tourist in 1825 when it made a national monument and now is transformed into a hotel and a church. The palace has cone-shaped roofs and overall the construction is magnificent this Is one of the palaces which is on our list of top palaces in Spain which you must see.

  • Loarre Castle

Loarre Castle –

This is one of the oldest castles in Spain. It was first a residence of royals but later known was converted into an Augustinian monetary. This palace was constructed in the 11th century on the remains of Roman fortress. It is one of the most unique castles in Spain which as cylinder-shaped walls and the floor is also irregular. This castle was built by King Sancho Ramirez 1 and still displays a great degree of constructing skill of those times. You must see how beautifully is is build and is still preserved in its original condition.

  • Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle –

This castle is located in the island of majolica. Although it was first constructed with the purpose of being a royal palace later on it was converted into A mint. The design of this castle is different than the normal castles. This castle consists of 3 towers and keeps divided into 5 sections. The castle was constructed during the Gothic time period and is located 3km away from the historic center of Palma.

  • Ponferrada Castle

Ponferrada Castle –

This magnificent castle is popular in Spain and is wide as the last stop where from pilgrimages on their way Camino de Santiago. This castle in El -Bierzo which was also a very famous mining spot during the Roman empire. There are 2 towers through which the three is an entrance to these towers. There are breathtaking mountains which surround it and you would have to walk a little to reach this castle. Hikers would defiantly love to come to this place as you need to hike to get to this castle. The time and energy spent on reaching here is worth it as you would have an opportunity to see a lot of outstanding things here.

  • Burgalimar Castle

Burgalimar Castle –

The fetching castle is located in Baños de la Encina. This stunning castle receives a lot of visitors every year and is widely known for being the second oldest castle in entire Europe and not only this is something which makes it unique but also the fact that it is preserved really well and still is much similar to when it was built in 968. This castle was built during the emperor of Al-hakim 1.T he is a great piece of art which is preserved for the tourist to see and when you will come at that this you will see the 14 towers and this castle is a wonderful place for you to go and see.

Spain is not only full of fairy tale castles which are a great part of their history but has so many other things to do including the snow-capped mountains, sunbaked beaches and much more. Let’s have a look at a few interesting things to do in this elegant country.

Things To Do In Spain

  • Explore The Museums And Galleries In Madrid

If you are going to Spain then it’s essential for you to explore the famous museums and galleries in Madrid. The Madrid art triangle is made up of Museo del Prado, the Reina Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. This is not the only places to explore the exquisite art of Spain, places such as taxi form and vertical garden are also worth visiting.  Elena Ochoa’s Ivory press, urban art and similar galleries gave created copies of Suso 33 and collectives such as bio Mistura. Moreover, there are gorgeous art exhibitions in restaurants and bars by paint lovers who are new into these things. Spain is rich in art and if you are fond of it then do visit these places which will significantly amaze you.

  • Círculo de Bellas Artes in C/ Alcalá

Círculo de Bellas Artes in C/ Alcalá –

Spain is one of the most spectacular country in the world and its capital Madrid has an astounding skyline. If you want to have a full few views of it then no place can be better than this. Which offers a complete few views of it ranging from impressive monuments to lush garden spaces, Cuatro Torres etc. This place is also loved by tourist to enjoy your drinks while having a snack and watching the amazing glorious sun set.

  • Enjoy Some Beer

Its quite famous among the locals and also the tourist to go to bars and restaurants to grab beers and not only beers but also soft drinks. Some places such as La Latina in Plaza de la Cebada are very famous among youngsters where they come for meetings and also to enjoy with their friends. There are 2 streets known as Cava Baja or Cava Alta which have some very famous restaurants and bars where it is nearly impossible to go on weekends because so much public go there because of large numbers of good restaurants and bars. Malasaña is another great hub of modern bars where people head to enjoy their evenings while having food and drinks.

  • Alluring City’s Parks

Alluring City’s Parks –

Casa de Campo is a very big and famous park with around 6.6 sq. of space which is many times bigger than the central park in New York. There are some astonishing small boats which there for you are if you want to do boating in the big lake which is also built in this lake. This park has some outstanding sports facilities for sports lovers to play games at this park, it also consists of hostels a zoo and big spaces are available for concerts and events.

Another famous park where every year a lot of tourist go is Parque del BuenRetiro. This is a ravishing park with fountains, pond, trees, beautiful flower, lush greenery and a statute of a fallen angel. You will see a lot of people coming here to enjoy and also to relax. You would come across many people who come here for a walk, jogging and to enjoy the weather, in winters people come here to rest under the sun and get warm.

  • Enchanting Places To See Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor –

If you are in Spain then this is a must place to see. This square is in the heart of the city and is an ideal place to relax while having some coffee and exploring the nearby sites.

  • Puerta de Alcalá

Puerta de Alcalá –

This is a gateway to Madrid. This must be on your list of sights which you plan to see in Spain. This place must be seen at dawn when its slight darkness and light shine on its arches.

  • Plaza de Cibeles

Plaza de Cibeles –

This place is very famous for football lovers. They flock here to see this place where the football team celebrates all their victories’.

  • Treasure Hunting In El Rastro

    Treasure Hunting In El Rastro –

If you have been to Spain but didn’t enjoy the treasure hunt then you might regret later on. The treasure hunt is a great fun activity which you must be part of on your trip to Spain.  C/Ribera de Curtidores is a very famous place which lots of shops and stalls and on Sundays the whole of the Madrid’s head to this place for shopping. Over here not only second-hand clothes, or jewelry are sold but there are so many other things which are offered here for sale. There is almost everything over here which you can ever imagine at this place for sale. This market is here for a really long time and not only locals but tourist enjoy Shopping here as well. Where they can shop so many things which are not available in their home towns and especially at such reasonable prices.

It is highly advised that you visit this place in the morning because at that time the public just starts to get here. Soon the place is filled with people where you would find it very hard to shop. Local people have taken advantage of this market and has opened café and bars nearby so that people can eat and drink after a tiring day at shopping an El Rastro. There are some glorious antique shops as well down the street where you can find lots of antique material to shop and take back home. This is an interesting place to visit where you must go to see the true old markets in Spain.


  • Enjoy The Theatre

Enjoy The Theatre –

Teatro de la Luz Philips Gran Vía is one of the most well-known and oldest theatre in Spain. If you love to get entertained by performances  and want to listen to some really good quality music them simple head to this place where you would have all the music and get a chance to see all the performances . Some great shows such as The Lion King’, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Mamma Mia! Has been conducted at this theatre and they become extremely successful.

  • El Oso y el Madroño’

El Oso y el Madroño’ –

This is a unique statute of a beer and a tree in Madrid. It has been quite popular among tourist who come and take pictures with this sculpture to capture a memory with it. When you to Madrid don’t forget to take a picture with this statue.

  • Attend Some Good Parties

If you love to attend parties and enjoy  El Penta, La VíaLáctea  are some great bars where people part all night. Dance and drinks are going on and people have some really nice time over. In Spain you will also hear a lot about capital by people who are too much into late night parties, this is also an great place to go where there is music and the crowd is also good. If you have not been to Madrid before and now plan to go there Don’t forget to do some party at these places.

Now let’s look at a few great hotels in Spain where you can enjoy your sojourn In Spain.

  • Room Mate Gerard

Room Mate Gerard -

The roommate Gerard hotel is a lavish hotel in Barcelona. This hotel provides their guest with the best experience and they have a lot of things for their guest at the hotel. The hotel includes a swimming pool where you can enjoy the water in summers and a fitness center where people can do gym and stay healthy. There is also a terrace from where you can have a look at the most beautiful scenery. Apart from the scenery, there are also some great places near the hotel such as Tivoli tower.

All the rooms are decorated beautifully with comfortable beds, a wardrobe, Tv and the room are air-conditioned. Apart from that few rooms have a balcony while all rooms have their separate bathrooms and free toiletries’. There is the facility of free WIFI and also there so that you don’t have any internet problems. The staff is highly cooperative which is available 24/7 at your service. Moreover, the staff speaks English so you won’t have any communication problems with the staff. Other than that, the example is nearby and people love to go them to go shopping and taste some good food available over there

  • Vértice Room Space

Vértice Room Space –

This is a great hotel which offers a god value for money and you must consider this hotel if you plan to come to Barcelona. If you are visiting Madrid then must consider this hotel for you to stay over there. This is an elegant hotel which makes your stay in Madrid really comfortable and memorable.

This hotel is only 15 km away from the Madrid city center and it in fact really close to a lot of attractions in Madrid such as Renfe train station, San Cristobal Industrial and also an airport. The rooms are well designed, each room as a separate bathroom and a kitchen along with a microwave and an electronic hub he rooms also consist of TV and is air conditioned. The staff is great over here they are extremely helpful and listen to your issues and try to make sure that you feel good and enjoy your stay over here

You can quickly visit the Madrid city center from here as its really close to this hotel and is a great option for people who love architecture and food and walks in parks. Spain is not only full of good hotels and recreational places but has great food places for you. The top 2 are

  • La Corral de la Morería

La Corral de la Morería –

This is an elegant restaurant, with not only the ravishing interior but also offer delectable food. It offers great Spanish food and has some great option to soften taste buds. Moreover, the waiters are very sweet who caters you in the best way possible.

  • El Corral de La Pacheca

El Corral de La Pacheca –

This is a magnificent restaurant which offers delicious food. This restaurant offers Spanish cuisine. The shelf over here are highly skilled and make the tastiest food for their customers. The experience over here is great. The guitarist, dances are of high standards which make the environment great for you.

Conclusion: Spain is a charming country which receives thousands of tourists every year. It has diverse landscapes, and tourist who are fond of architecture, and love to see museums, castles, palaces and some great collection of art galleries around the world. Spain is also famous for its stunning nature views, huge impressive churches, and expensive popular paintings, all we can say is that Spain is full of beautiful places which you must explore and if you plan to Spain this year in your vacations you will no doubt enjoy a lot in Spain and you must all the things and places you must visit which are discussed in this article to have an unforgettable experience in Spain.