Popular Summer Events & Festivals in Paris

There are many different festivals and celebrations throughout the year in Paris, the city of love. Summer is the season of this beautiful city, creative activities come together in some unanticipated places: in courtyards of mansion houses, on the Seine riverbanks, on lawns, in parks, in woods and museums. These all places are temporarily prepared for these events. If you are ready to have wonderful fun time in summer then Paris is in search of you, in this city of love and lights you can find everything possible. You can find everything from walking through the rough streets of Paris, dancing under the lights and even participating or attending different festivals you would definitely have a great fun time as you love being in Paris.

Parisians year starts from the Chinese New Year with ongoing process of festivals and events in every season but jam packed in summer season from around mid-July to mid-August and the years end up with Christmas celebrations. During the summer season there are numerous activities you can enjoy: music, sunbathing, classic show and so on. Mostly rather all the events in Paris are organized far as there is noisy crowd so they do not want to disturb the routine activities of their people.

Best dresses you should pack for your trip to Paris in summer when going for these events and festivals are short dresses, hot pants and tank tops. There dresses would be ideal and comfortable for you there during this time. There are so many festivals in Paris so you need to choose from them. While choosing you need to take care of distance aspect that where the festival will going to take place, should be convenient for you to reach there. Another thing that should be taken care of is your pocket. Here are some choices for an unforgettable summer trip.


La Fête de la Musique (Paris Street Music Festival)

La Fête de la Musique (Paris Street Music Festival)
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The most popular event of Paris is La Fête de la Musique, it takes place on 21st of June every year, with the concept that is must be celebrated on the night of longest day. Thousands of Parisians are attracted towards this street music festival; there are free performances on different types of music like: jazz, rock, hip hop and there gathers a lot of crowd to see these performances. This event was started from France and now becoming an international event. Parisians come out of their houses and cities to enjoy these performances of various music styles. This is the best time when Parisians can go out of their cities and routine life and can know about their neighborhoods. Paris street music festival starts usually at sundown, with various performances. You could never get bored as there is always something to see. You can get the official website from the place you are living in nearby from where you can know the festival’s schedule or you can simply get out of your resort and walk around to discover about the events. Many streets are jam during this time of summer so going by taxis is not the good idea even buses finds difficult to move so best way of transportation is through metro lines that are running all over the night but are very crowded it is possible you may not get space so the safest and most reliable way is walking that may take time but surely make you reach.


Paris Plages (Paris Beach)

Paris Plages (Paris Beach)
Image from https://www.mnn.com

Paris Plages and Seine-Side holiday, both events are alike both events offer tourists and locals and are summer events that are only organized in summers. Paris Plages is headed by Bertrand Delanoë the Mayor of Paris, he is also well known for organizing other events as well. This event has a sensation. In the beginning this event was not approved by some people as it is a costly event but now it became a permanent game for Parisians summertime scene. In this event different areas of Paris are transformed in beaches each with different theme and this event is a free of fare. Paris Plages is an event that is for both adults and kids; this event offer activities for every age group, from swimming in pools to sunning in sand or even enjoy the free concerts. You can enjoy broad walks and free music at night with sipping drinks at open air bars. It is a perfect place to relax, picnic and read books.

Around 20th July streets along the river are closed and it continues for four weeks consecutively. Tons of sand and trees of palm are brought in the city with deck chairs and offers wonderful games and activities at the beach like volleyball, kayaking, concerts in open air, in mini pool aquagym class and even delightful ice-creams to eat at different beaches.


Glazart’s La Plage

Glazart’s La Plage
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If you don’t want to visit Paris Plage but want to attend an event just like Paris Plage then there is one, called Glazart which starts from 2nd June and end on 1st October. Glazats’s La Plage is organized at the beaches where there is live music and it is free of cost, techno parties, cocktails, pétanque and even food trucks.


Bastille Day

Bastille Day
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This festival is celebrated on 14 July every year and can be celebrated in the days around 14th of July. Thai day is also called as La Fête de la Bastille or simply La Fête, marks the attack of Bastille prison and crucial event of French revolution in 1789.  The demolition of prison of Bastille prison in central Paris became a symbol of first strong emotions of democracy in France, though it would take many bloody revolutions to build an undergoing Republics. There are many national processions in Paris during this event, with beautiful plash of fireworks. You can enjoy parades outdoor and it is great opportunity to learn about the Parisians and French history.


Paris Quartier d’Eté (Paris Summer Arts Festival)

July theaters
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This festival is happening since 1990; Paris Quartier d’Eté starts from middle of July and continues till 11th of August. This is the festival of summer where art is performed all around France and even out of the city. Surrounds towns of Paris and even Paris itself is host to different performances like by street theater companies, at monuments, in theater gardens and so many more. There are different places where performances are organized like in Palais Royal, in Museums, in parks, on banks of Seine and many other venues. There all activities of this festival and performing arts last for a month in all streets specifically surround the capital of France. Visitors all over the world are gathered there even from the country, they get the opportunity to see dance, theater, music and circus performances, theses all are mostly free of fare. Audience are very enthusiastic about the performances, main purpose of the event is to gathered kids and adults alike to enjoy the time.


Rock en Seine

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This event is organized every year since 2003, many visitors come to enjoy this event which continues for three days on the Domaine National du St-Cloud outside the Paris. Rock en Seine is an event that entertains its visitors by live music at Rock en Seine. This is the largest event in the city that takes place in summer. This event celebrated rock music and combine some pop, electronic and hip hop music too. This event is also organized at the Parc National de Saint-Cloud where thousands of locals and mostly music lovers are gathered to enjoy the concerts which is divided in four different stages. Young and new talent gets opportunity to show their talent by playing their music alongside.  In this giant festival there are many other small events offered like “Avant Seine” pre festival, since 2005. This pre event mainly wants to invite fresh talent to come on stage and show their stuff. You can buy tickets for as many days as you want to attend the event one, two or for all three days.


Open-Air Cinema at the Parc de la Villette

Open-Air Cinema
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This event takes place on the beautiful green lawns of lawns of Parc de la Villete . There is live screening in open air festival, so you can enjoy this at Parc de la Villete where you can rest out deckchair and blankets, sit back, relax and enjoy. This festival has a cultural highlight but with different theme, held every year. People come here are mostly film fans, this festival welcomes different programs of international film. Movies are played regardless of the time many new and old both movies are screened, some aged people come here to recall their memories, enjoy their teen years with wide range of movies. Entrance to this Open Air Film Festival is open for all public and it is free of fare, audiences bring their picnic tools along so that can enjoy picnic before the movie starts.


Paris Jazz Festival

Paris Jazz Festival
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This festival was founded in 1994 by the jazz fans; it mostly starts from June 11th and continues till July of 31st but the days can vary. This festival is formerly known as “A fleurs de Jazz”, jazz festival acknowledged itself as one of the largest festival in Paris. This festival is a perfect blend of harmony of nature and melodies artfully. While introducing this festival nobody could ever say that this festival would be a successful project, it took its name in 1998. Every year many international jazz players come in this festival to perform on stage with not less enthusiastic audience. Since its start, Parc Floral supported this festival. This festival takes place throughout the month of June and July on every Saturday and Sunday. Concert charges reasonable fees to enter in and its starts after mid night at 3am.


Download Festival

Download Festival
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It is held every year since 1999, it also held annually; Longchamp Racecourse is the place is France where it takes place. Solidarité sida organize this whole festival, musical performers come to perform from all over the world as well as locally. This event also takes place in summer in the month of June date is not specified. The earnings from the festivals are then donated to AIDS organizations.


Carnaval Tropical parade

Carnaval Tropical parade
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In this festival dancers come to perform, it takes place on every 4th and 6th of June, date is always the same. This event sees more than 4000 dancers, mostly dancers comes from West Indies culture, Brazil, Colombia, China and all over the world. With the dance you could also enjoy the tasty foods and drinks.


Without a doubt Paris is a buzzing place full of energy, try to keep in touch with your calendar, keep checking it frequently so you do not miss any festival in Paris and this will keep you up to date with any event coming by. Hope you have a great summer in Paris!


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