Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram is the Shining Star of social media. Back when it was launched in 2014 then people simply took it as a photo sharing site. With the passage of time Instagram has built brands and it has continued to mark its presence felt in the social media.

Having a brand these days is not enough.  These days it is almost a prerequisite to market your brand online, more people will get to know about it, get to know about your products and get to know what you are selling. Today we are going to tell you about the Instagram growth hack, how with the help of simple Strategies and tactics you can grow your business Instagram profile in an effective way.

Install Instagram and make an account

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There are still people who rely more on Facebook and Twitter for the conduct of business. There are still people who are not very much sure about the authenticness of Instagram. These kind of people need to put the fear and doubt aside. Over the course of years Instagram has built many brands and now it is almost certain that it is the Shining Star of social media. You have no idea how your business will prosper with the help of a simple Instagram account but for that you need to have an Instagram account. If you are planning to launch your products in the market then it is important that you plan along the marketing strategies. Make sure Instagram is on your list, make sure that after launching your product in the market you make Instagram account and announce the product on this social media site.

Tell people what you are launching in the market

Simply making an Instagram account is not enough. Your Instagram account should reflect your product, it should have the capability to reflect your brand. Don’t just go on and make any other Instagram account, make your Instagram account count.

Introduce your product on Instagram in a professional way. The one way where you can achieve a professional approach is by going for the professional logo. On your profile picture there should be the logo of your product and that is it. This is how you will introduce your brand in the Instagram world and this is how potential customers will feel conditioned with your logo and brand.

Change your Instagram profile from personal to professional

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There is no need to go for a professional Instagram profile if you are going to make a personal account on Instagram. In case you have just launched a product in the market and you have made an Instagram account about it then it is high time that you change your profile from personal to professional. When the Instagram account is professional or business then the user get to see a lot. There are so many features on a professional Instagram account which is not there on a personal Instagram account.

With the help of professional Instagram account users will be able to see the interaction between followers and many other things. To introduce your brand in the Instagram world it is very necessary that you change your personal Instagram account to business Instagram account. When you are planning a business then you should have the capability to go for extra miles. Business profile on Instagram is that extra mile which has the potential to take you way ahead.

What about the followers? How to get them?

It is a bad idea to think that just because you have made an Instagram account on Instagram for your business you will get potential followers as well. Getting followers on Instagram is a tricky thing and sometime it happens that it takes years and years to get the number of followers one desires for a business profile so what to do in such a scenario?

What is the way to be certain that after making a business profile about your brand you will get the potential audience on Instagram in the form of followers? There are certain ways which can be used to attract the followers on Instagram and we will talk about them step by step.

  • The best way to attract the followers on Instagram is by making sure that you comment and posts on all the accounts are relevant to your own account. For instance if you are running a car business then it is essential that you like the posts and comment on the accounts which also deals in cars. This is the best way to attract the potential customers and potential followers on Instagram.
  • There is one other ways through which you can be certain that you will get the followers on Instagram and that way goes through shout-outs. Accounts on Instagram love shout-outs a lot and once you give a shout-out to a certain account then out of courtesy the account will do the same and there is quite a possibility that out of courtesy the account even follow you back. If you want your brand to grow on Instagram then is important that you give shout-out to as much audience as you can. This is best Instagram growth hack you can come across.

Target your audience

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Instagram is all about statics and strategies. If you do not know the right strategy or the right tactic then to be honest there is not much chance for you on Instagram. After making an account on Instagram business profile, it is an essential thing that you should target the right audience. If you will market your car brand in the audience who are not even interested in cars then the marketing strategy will fail. It is essential before making a move that you know which audience you are going to Target as per your marketing strategy.  Attract the right audience so your message goes to the right audience and you never know when that audience can turn into a potential customer for your brand.

Are you interactive?

Keeping mum on Instagram will not work. It is essential that you talk to your followers if you have made an Instagram account about your brand. It is essential that you let them know what your account is all about and what nice features it has. The more you are interacting with your followers on Instagram the more chances are there that your followers will turn into potential customers.

There are so many ways through which you can be interactive with your Instagram audience. Instagram has so many features which you can avail for this purpose. Instagram has cool features, Instagram has a feature of ask me a question, Instagram has a GIF feature and what not. It is essential that you use your brain and start talking with your Instagram audience about your brand. Build a connection with the audience because that is the only way to grow on Instagram. Being interactive with your audience on Instagram is one of the most acknowledged Instagram growth hack.

Share links in your stories

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It is a digital world and today it is best if you connect digitally. One of the best Instagram growth hack is that after making a business profile on Instagram you need to talk about your brand. The one way you can talk about your brand is by sharing links continuously of your products on your Instagram stories. The followers which are following you on Instagram have a way of getting interested in your stories and what ever you will share in your stories there are chances that your followers of Instagram will go through it. The best way to get attention of your Instagram audience is by sharing links in your stories. Those links can be about your products or about your web pages. Make sure you share the link of your web-page on a regular basis in your Instagram stories. Slowly and gradually the audience will start getting interested and eventually they will share your products.

The re-post option

Reposting on Instagram goes a long way. After making a business profile on Instagram you can engage your Instagram audience in a brilliant way by reposting their posts. There must be hundreds of other accounts which are in proportion to your own account in terms of size, followers and brand. Reposting the posts and stories of such brands can go a long way. After reposting others posts and stories you can tag your target audience and get the attention you desire.

Share your web-page link in your bio

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It is not just enough to go for an attractive bio for your brand on Instagram. It is essential that you put a link of your web page in the bio of Instagram. You never know when a follower feels the need to click on the link and get a view of your site.

Instagram is all about making the right strategy and sharing your web page in your Bio that enhance your chances for the greater good manifold. When you introduce your brand on Instagram then make sure that you put the link of your website in your Bio, this way people will feel the need to visit it and you never know when they feel like making a purchase. It’s one of the best Instagram growth hack.

What’s free?

Some people don’t go the easy way. Even when they go live with their brand on Instagram then they don’t give away things for free. The best Instagram growth hack is that if you want to grow your business on Instagram then it is essential that you give away something freely. If you have a brand with you then you must also have merchandises related to your brand. The best way to attract loyal customers is by distributing those merchandisers among your followers. This way the followers will feel the need to talk about your brand in a positive way and they will also share the stories about you brand with their friends and followers on their own Instagram accounts.

Paid Ads

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There are two ways to get a thing. One is by working for it and the other way is by paying for it. If you have a business with you and you want to grow it on Instagram then there is one other way through which you can market that brand and that is by utilizing the option of paid ads. You can utilize this option by paying a little fee to Instagram and in return Instagram will advertise your web page on its feed and on the feed of the followers. Paid ads never go wrong and there are many chances that your brand will reach to more people if you will pay Instagram to do the work for you.

We have told you the best Instagram growth hacks. By utilizing all these options you can market your brand on Instagram in a positive way. Use these options effectively and see how the followers will keep coming and how they will turn into your loyal customers.

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