How to grow Instagram Followers

Back when Instagram was debuted on October 6, 2010 then it was just a fun application which was deemed or considered good for kids and teenagers. Instagram quickly outgrew its first impression and now it has become a serious network for content marketing, selling, audience building and making brands. It is insane to know that Instagram is now the most popular social networking site. It has over 200 million active members monthly and collectively they share around 60 million images with 1.6 likes per day.

According to 2014, Forrester Study the average Instagram engagement rate for brands is 58 times higher than Facebook. For all those who want to become insta famous and for all those who want to build a brand on Instagram should strive to rise higher than average. Today we are going to talk about some amazing Instagram hacks which you can incorporate into your social strategy to get more organic Instagram followers.

Choose creative hashtags

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Instagram is all about being creative. Most of the time when people post pictures on Instagram then they face difficulty in coming up with proper captions. Well, captions are the soul of Instagram posts and that is why it is imperative to come up with the suitable caption almost all the time.

Not just captions it is also important to come up with a suitable and creative hashtag for your post. When you create a caption for your post then make sure you come up with suitable hashtags as well. For instance instead of writing “today is a beautiful day because it is raining” you can say #today is a #beautiful day because it is #raining. Be creative, be funny, be outrageous with your hashtags but make sure you don’t get boring.

There is collaborative workspace company on Instagram known as wework. They always work with the best hashtags and content. If you want to get the creative #inspiration then it is important to check them out.  Simply with the help of hashtags you will go to different places and different feeds and you never know when people feel tempt to follow you because of your creative hashtags. You can get organic followers on Instagram because of your creative hashtags and there is no doubt in this.

How descriptive are your captions?

It is true that Instagram is a site where people post pictures but one cannot take out the existence of captions along with pictures. It is a common saying that a picture is worth a Thousand Words and if you skip the words entirely just because you think that the picture will suffice then to be honest it is not the right strategy to get the organic followers on Instagram. Do not skip the words entirely, instead be descriptive with them.

We have the best example with descriptive captions. Go to the feed of National Geographic on Instagram and see how creative they get with their captions and how they are using their story telling skills to get likes. Simply with the help of descriptive captions you can engage the audience and get more sharing and followers. When you post a picture then make sure you describe it. Describe the picture so well that it resonates with the audience and with your followers. After creating a post with descriptive captions, create a beautiful hashtag and then drop the post. A descriptive caption can get you the real organic followers on Instagram because it has worked with National Geographic which has over 50 million followers. How did they get so many followers? Because they always get descriptive with their captions and they post amazing pictures as well.

Be interactive with the big brands and big fishes of Instagram

This strategy works really well if you want to get real organic followers on Instagram. When on Instagram, it is important that you stay intellectual. Intellect goes a long way because with intellect we can act smart and by acting smart we can get what we want.

If you are looking to get more organic followers on Instagram then it is important that you get interactive with big brands and big fishes of Instagram. For instance, if your Instagram is about entrepreneurship then it is important that you follow all the big brands which are related and associated with entrepreneurship. For example, there is this man Grant Cordon, he is an influencer and he is a very successful entrepreneur. Here comes the strategy; go to the account of Grant cordon and turn on the post notifications, now whenever he will post you will know.

Here is the next step, whenever he posts, leave a comment under his posts and like his pictures so much that he notices you. When he notices you and is interactive with you then all the people who follow him will become curious about you and follows you. After you get interactive with big brands and big people on Instagram then it is a sure shot thing to know that you are getting organic followers on Instagram

Be social with followers

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It is important to remember that Instagram is a social networking site. Most of the time when people go to Instagram they create an account but they stay mum. Staying silent on Instagram will not work and it will not get you real organic followers.

The best way to get organic followers on Instagram is by being interactive and social with your followers on Instagram. There is also a group option where you can make a group with your followers and chat about day to day activities. If you have a brand with you then you can talk about your brand in that group. The more you socialize the more there will be chances that your page will reach more people and more audience. Be interactive if you want to get real organic followers on Instagram because communication is that thing which never fails and which always get successful.

Run a contest

You don’t have to be a big brand on Instagram to run a contest. If you are a fan of Miley Cyrus and you wish to have the biggest and largest fan following on your fan page of Miley Cyrus then you need to give away something for free. The best way to have more organic followers on Instagram is by running a contest.

There are many bibliophile accounts on Instagram that give away books by arranging a contest and this is how they gain massive following. It is very simple to arrange a contest on Instagram. If you have some merchandisers with you then you can ask your followers to repost your post and Tag you in it. After that arrange a giveaway, give the price to the winner and that is it.  At the end of the contest you will have real organic followers on Instagram.

Are you Geotagging your photos?

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Geotagging your photos is that amazing strategy which almost always works on Instagram. In case you are wondering what this geotagging your photos mean? Well it means tagging your photos with a location. If you have visited a nice restaurant or you have gone to a city fair then after posting the photos of these events you can tag the location. There are millions of people who are Geotagging the pictures. When you will Geotag your photos then the people who already have posted the location will be able to see your posts. On seeing that you guys have so much in common the other person will feel tempted to follow you back. Geotagging your photos, is the best way to get organic followers on Instagram and it is that one strategy which almost always work.

What’s your niche?

If you want to get real organic followers on Instagram then it is important that you pick a single niche. If you think that you will post pictures of multiple niches and still will be able to manage a good fan following then maybe you are living in delusion. It is very important to follow a single niche on Instagram. If you are into books then it is imperative that you go for the book niche, post about books, arrange contest and giveaways about books and see how your fan following will grow every single day.

On the other hand if you will post content from different niches then this won’t get you the real organic followers on Instagram because people will not know why they need to follow you. Stick with that one niche and see how you get the real organic followers on Instagram.

Ask me a question feature

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Instagram has recently introduced a feature which is called ask me a question feature. With the help of this feature you can ask your followers to ask you a question. This amazing feature is the best interactive tool of Instagram and with the help of it you can get the attention of the audience and followers of Instagram in effective way.

Ask your followers to ask you questions. It is important to know that the followers can ask you any questions ranging from personal to professional. By stop being offended about the questions which can sometimes be rude, you can be interactive with your followers and this way your followers will talk about your page to other people in a productive way. If you want to get the real organic followers on Instagram that make use of “ask me a question” feature because this feature is just too good to ignore.

Paid Promotions And Paid Ads

Instagram can be a tricky thing for beginners. There are chances if you have just started on Instagram that you will not get followers for a long span of time. If you have tried every other thing and still you feel that nothing is working out, then there is an option of paid promotions. By utilising this option you can get the real organic followers for your account but how to get the paid promotions done?

There are several accounts on Instagram that do paid promotions in return of a simple and small fee. Your task is to find these accounts and after finding them, ask them to do a paid promotion for you. In the coming days these accounts after receiving money from you will promote your page on their stories and posts. Accounts that do paid promotions have a large fan following so more people will be able to see the content of your page. Utilizes option of paid promotions and get real organic followers for your Instagram in a short span of time. This is that effective strategy which never fails and always works out.

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We have talked about paid promotions. The good thing for all those people who want to get the real organic Instagram followers is that they can also utilise the option of paid ads as well. In paid promotions users charge money but in paid ads Instagram charge money. When you utilise the option of paid ads then you will pay to Instagram and in return Instagram will promote your page on its feed. You must have noticed a lot of time when you are scrolling through Instagram an irrelevant post starts popping out. This irrelevant post is basically a paid Instagram ad., showing how much people utilise this amazing option in getting the real followers on Instagram

Be creative

There is another technique and by utilising this technique you can get the real organic followers on Instagram. This technique goes through being creative. Why do you think people need to follow your account? What is that one thing which is making you different? Are you being creative enough? Are you innovative? Are you being different with your posts? If you are doing no such things then the future is not very bright for you on Instagram.

In case you are good in these things, in case you are posting the creative innovative content on your feed every single day then there are chances that you will get the recognition you deserve. Instagram is an amazing tool but it works with creativity. If you want the real creative Instagram followers then it is important that you be creative, add filters, add textures, add texts, add descriptive captions and even add the proper hashtags as well. Simply by being creative on Instagram you can go a long way. Be innovative and get those Instagram followers for real.

Make use of the stories feature

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It may be a very tiring idea for the followers to go through your Instagram feed but there are fewer chances that they will miss your stories as well. If you want to get the real and organic Instagram followers then it is important that you post more stories and posts.

People don’t have time these days to go through the lengthy posts but they do have time to see through stories. If you have a brand with you, then talk about your brand in your Instagram stories. There is 98% surety that more people will see your stories, talk about your brand, talk about why it is best. If you have a fan page then talk about the fan page in a proper way on your stories. With the help of right hashtags and with the help of right content you can get a number of followers for your account simply by posting content on your stories. Make use of the stories feature and get the attention you deserve.


These are few of the amazing tips which you can utilise to get more real organic followers on Instagram. Instagram is all about playing the right strategy and playing with the right frame of mind so play with the right frame of mind use the right strategy and go get the real organic followers you totally deserve. Do not be lazy, do not be inactive, do not be indolent instead be active, post a lot, create content, add a lot of things to your stories and see how your following will grow.