Entrepreneur! Grow your business through Instagram

Nowadays it has almost become a necessity to have active social media accounts for your business. You need to be active on social media sites to make sure that your business grows and gets more successful. There are different platforms, one of those is Instagram. There are more than 800 million users of Instagram and a larger population among them is of millennials.

Instagram is a platform which can be used to connect with more audiences and hence increasing sales and profits. With time people are realizing this more and more that how vital it is to have an active social media presence. You can use it to even grow your business from a small tiny one too big successful one.

With time Instagram is becoming saturated as more and more people are using it to promote their businesses. At such a stage it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. If you will want to do that then you must read this as here are some great ways to grow your business through Instagram


1)Be consistent and upload Good quality content which will appeal to the customers

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Despite the increase in Instagram users and changes in the Instagram policies one thing which is considered most important is what content you are delivering. You have to make sure that the content which you are creating is unique and interesting which appeals to the audiences. You also have to be consistent because people will forget you if they will not see you very often. The best way to do that is posting frequently and posting stories on Instagram is a great way to give audiences a reminder regarding your product. This will boost your Instagram profile and also it will help you to grow your business. You can also use apps such as buffer and many others to help you with layout of the content which you have created. This is a great way to keep your audiences engaged and follow your page.


2) Link in the bio

Bio link
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On Instagram, you can see that many accounts have links in the bio which are of different websites. Once you can get 10,000 followers only then you can add links in your stories. The links will make it possible for people to visit your website directly and hence result in you gaining more views and orders. To make sure it is successful you need to be clear what you want and the site where you are sending people is useful. It can be for different things like clothes, makeup, sporting goods or anything else. This will definitely help the entrepreneurs grow their business and boost sales.


3)Use highlights option and post more about what’s going on behind the scenes to engage audiences

Instagram stories have gained more popularity as compared to snap-chat users. You can see that people are using fewer snap-chat as compared to Instagram. Businesses must take full advantage of it. They can use the option of highlights to save stories of different events, products, reviews and much more. Moreover, to gain more popularity, an entrepreneur can post more stories regarding behind the scenes and put the appropriate hashtags. One can create their hashtags too. This will be great so you can see that how many people have used your photos. Also, you can add location so people can know about your business in a better way.


4)Encourage audience involvement

You can always grow your businesses by encouraging audiences to engage with you through the platform of Instagram. You can encourage your fans to create content which is somehow related to the business which you do and you can also ask them to share your post, tag friends and you can offer some giveaway to encourage more people to do it. You can also encourage them to share your content in the post which is related to your business. You can, later on, post the best ones on your page. Like this, you will be able to get more audiences and your customers will also be able to get a look of recognition as many people will see their content which they have created related to your business. This is a great way to boost sales and get more audiences.


5)Grow business by creating contacts with social media influencers

Social media influencers are people with a huge fan following. An entrepreneur must get in touch with them, the ones which belong to the relevant industry. They can make marketing campaigns with them or some other advertising stuff. Like this, the brands will get more popularity and people would acknowledge them as well as will lead to more customer, sales, and hence the growth of the business.


6) Incorporate your location

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One of the best ways to get more and more views and popularity on Instagram is by incorporating the geographical location. What you can do is that add your location. You have the option of adding the exact location where you locate. Better than that, is you add the city location or a broader location so that it will end up catching more people as more people will discover it if the broader locations are added such as the city where you locate. As more people will get to know you about you. There are higher chances of more sales which means that you will be getting more order, more sales mean more profits and also the growth will boost up too.


7) Engage more with the audiences

It is very easy to get happy on the increase in likes and followers. It is something on which business pay a lot of attention. However, this is not the case. Increase in likes or number of followers will not get you loyal followers who will stay loyal to you and your brands. What can get you loyal followers is that you engage with them. Reply to them in the comments section and answer their queries. Moreover, if someone appreciates your work in the comment section you must reply to them and say thank you. Such a personal connection will make followers feel like mean something and people never forget what you make them feel. They can forget about the work or what you say but what you made them feel is something which stays with them forever. Hence deeper connections are essential for more followers which will increase loyal followers hence will help in growing the business.


8)Put a variety of posts

Instagram was once popular for posting only pictures and different types of images. But now it’s not the case. There is a variety of post which you can put on Instagram. It includes videos, pictures, text images and much more. Instagram has this setting that it will show to your followers what they like that most. If they prefer images, they will see more images in their news feed. Similarly, if they like videos post and want to see that, they will end up watching that. It’s kind of an interesting thing and also gives you a variety. Therefore, you must try getting your hands-on variety rather than posting one same thing like either image of videos. More variety will mean that more people are likely to follow you and your business will get more popular and as more and more people will get to know about it, you will see significant growth in your business.


9) Use videos as a means of communication

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You can always communicate with your followers on Instagram, It is one of the best feature of Instagram that it enables you to talk to your followers and help you connect with them on one to one basis. Moreover, this is something very interesting and entrepreneurs must do this, You guys have seen how Huda, kylie and other entrepreneurs use videos as means of interaction with the followers. Your followers must see the close side of you. Using videos to interact is a great way to inform them about your products or services. Why you are better than the other, why they should consider you instead of the other and you can ask them for input too. Apart from this, you can offer tips, tricks regarding the field in which you can work, you have the option of sharing your experiences and also you have a great option to tell in detail about the products and launch dates of new items beforehand. This way you will have more engagement with the followers which means you will end up getting more followers who would be loyal to your brand hence more growth.


10) Always use captions as a mini blog post

You can use captions to tell different stories. They are a great way to share knowledge, experiences, ask questions to which people reply in the comments and much more. When you are writing captions, you have to be careful about a few things. You need to make sure that it’s relevant and to the point. You must choose captions which are related to your work, share knowledge and show the people how it can help them as you are here and offering products which are useful for them. You always can put on captions which are inspiring for them or motivates them to some extent because nowadays motivational and inspirational content is quite popular. You can always engage the audience by asking for the feedback, like this you can know what they want or what else they expect from you. What changes you must do to meet their requirements or what changes you must bring in your strategy to get more success. This is very helpful for the entrepreneurs as they end up getting followers point of view which gives them a clearer direction regarding where and how they have to proceed to accomplish the set goals.


11) Post what people want not what you like

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It’s not important what you like or want. For the business you must provide customers with what they want as they are the people who will end up buying the stuff you don’t need to put on professional pictures or videos that are fully edited and perfect, You can end up putting rough pictures with simple filters too which show the actual products or information about the business. What is important is that you deliver the value it is something which followers are looking for; many businesses fail to provide quality and value and this leads to less growth and profits. You can also post about behind the scenes it’s somewhat interesting and will give a closer look at how you do things such as organizing events or launch of exhibition etc. This all leads to more loyal and die-hard followers or customers who will stay loyal to the brand and will end up helping to increase your popularity and profits. This is a great way to grow your business as social media is a necessity nowadays. For businesses to grow it is vital to have an active and social media profile which delivers quality content about the business.


12) Work with patience and give it some time

When you are doing a business then one thing which is very important to keep in mind is that nothing ever happens overnight, you will need patience and motivation. If you have the passion you will end up achieving what you want, there will be setbacks but you need to stay determined and motivated. So, in case of a startup or a growth stage you have to accept this, that you need to build an Instagram profile which will help you stand out among other businesses offering the same products or the services. You need to make sure that what you are going to is unique and somewhat differentiates you from other businesses. You will need to give some time to the people to find you and get to know about you. When you are starting building your profile on Instagram the response might be slow but stay motivated. You can get in touch with different bloggers and influences and ask them to post about your page and you can try other things too but all of it will require time and you need to work with patience. Moreover, keep posting and stay active, if you not getting the expected response even then continue to do what you are, as things take time nothing will ever happen overnight. If you are not getting the response which you want even after some time of hard work then you need to change things such as; may be you are targeting the wrong group, the strategy has some problem in it or something like that .Give time and remember failures are the route to success.


13)Don’t run after the numbers

It is okay to have fewer views and followers, it not important that you end up getting a lot of followers. If you are delivering good content on which you are getting a good response, it’s fine to have that. If the interaction is worthwhile then you must continue with it and after some time you will get more popular.Like this, you will end up getting loyal followers who will stay committed and your business will flourish.


14)Use likes as a means of identifying audiences’ preferences


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When you are posting things on Instagram you need to see that what things your audiences are liking the most so that you concentrate on it rather than putting your hands everywhere. You can do it by measuring the likes. It is one the easiest way to see what the followers are liking and what sort of content they want you to post. If you will post and deliver what they want you will end up getting the desired response which is somewhat more follower, popularity, sales, exposure and growth of the business. Growing your business is not easy but if you work in the right direction and work wholeheartedly it’s not that hard too. This way can help you to do some market research regarding the product and services which you plan to launch or have launched. An example could be 2 bags of different designs and ask followers to comment which design they like the best or what changes could be there to give it a more appealing look. This is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to get feedback and opinions about their product from the people and then you can work accordingly and your business will flourish.


15)Use other social media platforms too

social media platforms
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You can always connect your different social media accounts like you can connect Instagram to Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to get more views. whatever you will post on Instagram will end up being seen my followers on other social media accounts to like Facebook and Twitter. Not only new followers will see it but also the existing one will end up looking at it again and again. This will be an interesting way to get more popularity and hence more views. people might not notice you on one social media platform but if one thinking is coming on their news feed over and over again it will grab their attention, they will end up seeing what you are offering and if they will be interested they will explore more about it. As this will happen more and more frequently you will end up getting more and more famous. Hence, in short, you will see a significant increase in your followers, sales, and growth too. This is an easy and smart way to get more attention diverted towards your business.



These are different ways which entrepreneurs can use to grow their businesses through Instagram. It is a social media channel which is widely used and its users are increasing with time so to grow your business you need to have an active social media profile which delivers valuable content.

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