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Madrid Travel Guide

Madrid travel can be an exciting journey for all those people who visit it. Madrid is the best place for all those who want an adventurous experience. Madrid has so much to offer, it has dazzling lights and bright blue skies and the scenario here stays the same most of the year.

It is true that Madrid does not have the world class museums and buzzing nightlife but still it is a very energetic city. It has the world’s best boutiques, Dallas, Cafes and gastro bars. All these things can be found in abundance here.

Apart from beautiful cafes and boutiques the main attraction of Madrid is the traditional bars and tiny shops.

Today we are going to talk about Madrid travel.  We will let you know what should you visit if you are in this beautiful city.

Visit Palacio De Liria

Spain is mostly about art. if you want to visit the best art collections in Spain then it is high time that you visit the palacio de Liria. This place has been opened for the public and it has the best art collection from all over Spain. The hall of this amazing Palacio is filled with the masterpieces of many great artists. Here you will find paintings of Ribera, El Greco and many more.

Visit Prado Museum 

The Prado Museum is the oldest Museum in Madrid and it is the best attraction of Madrid  Travels. The Museum is going to celebrate its 200th anniversary on November 19. 

This amazing Museum has amazing antiques which has been taken from all over the globe and it has the best collection which has been taken from Spain as well. The drawings in the museum is to die for and it is the best place to visit if you are in Madrid.

Huertas Neighbourhood

You will find this amazing neighbourhood to the east of Sol. This amazing place is filled with breath-taking boutiques, bars and restaurants. If you want to enjoy the best food in Spain then this is the place you should come to. The restaurants and bars here are to die for. In the bars you will find amazing food and amazing Jazzy music.

At the Eastern border of Huertas Neighbourhood you will find Madrid largest Park, El Retiro. This amazing park has Madrid’s most famous three museums which are Prado, Reena and  Sofia. If you want to visit the best of Madrid then you need to come to the east of it. 

Visit Plaza Mayor 

You know which is Madrid great square? It’s Plaza Mayor. For the course of over 500 years a lot of Historical events has happened in plaza mayor and that is why it is the most famous place to visit in Madrid. You can come here to visit the most amazing buildings of Madrid and along with this if you want to enjoy the best food in all of Spain then Plaza mayor is definitely your go-to option. For the food you can go to Bar La Campana and order its world famous sandwiches.  

For all those who are interested in history and who want to see where the major events of history has taken place in Spain should come to plaza Mayor. It has a lot for history students and it has a lot for general visitors as well.

Visit Reina Sofia Museum

If you are on Madrid  travel but you are not visiting Rena Sophia Museum then you are missing a great deal.  Reina Sophia Museum has Pablo Picasso’s most famous paintings. These paintings will tell you what happened in Spanish civil war. According to most of the people in Madrid Pablo Picasso paintings in Reina Sophia Museum is a live Testament of the suffering of Spanish civil war.

Visiting this Museum mean that you will get to know a lot about the Spanish history and Spanish suffering. Along with the Pablo Picasso paintings this amazing Museum has other masterpieces of different artist as well. The sculptures here are to die for and this Museum has the work of most of the international artist. The paintings, the art and artistry can be a treat for those who visit Madrid.

Visit Spanish markets 

It may sounds a little funny but the markets in Madrid are a treat for the eyes. These markets are filled with fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat and fish. If you are just a regular visitor in Madrid and you want to see the best of Spain at one place then you need to visit a Spanish market. 

In in the Madrid markets you will see a lot of stalls and you can get the food of your choice from these stalls easily. The most famous market of Madrid is Anton Martin, visit it and make sure that you have slicer. Nothing will ever taste so good after that.

You can take a cooking class when in Madrid 

No one will argue over the fact that Spain has the best food available. if you are in Madrid and you want to learn the secret behind the deliciousness of Madrid dishes then you can also take a cooking class when in Madrid.

If you think that your language may become a hurdle then you don’t need to worry because in Spain or Madrid you will find plenty of academies which will teach you cooking in your own native language. There are varieties of cooking classes available in Madrid.  

Madrid is the beautiful capital of Spain. It has a lot to offer for visitors all over the globe. Almost all the people who come here leave with something memorable.

If you want to have the best coffee in Spain then it is important that you visit the top bars in Madrid. If you want to go shopping then that option is available here as well. Madrid is mostly famous for its Museums but along with this it is the most vibrant City you will come across and it should totally be on your travel list if you are travel junky.