Buying real followers on instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms which is being used by people to promote their business, share content, offer services and much more. The more followers you have the more you are likely to earn.

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As the number of users increases the potential of new customers also rises and its more likely that your sales will increase and if you are a blogger even then its important for you to have more followers. A greater number of followers means that you will be earning more money via each post which you do for any company or business, basically is a paid sponsorship. .Companies send their parcels which consist of free products to promote. Higher the number of followers more the products will be advertised. 

There are different ways to increase your followers however purchasing fake followers is a waste of time and money. The instagram can suspect it and there is the possibility that your posts might not be shown on your follower’s profile. The followers to engagement ratio need to be High..

You can, however, get real engaging followers through some methods which are mentioned below. 


Organic method 

You can always try getting original followers through organic methods which are the natural method for increasing the number of followers. You need to utilize the platform and the different tools wisely.

  • Firstly add the link of your website in your profile. This is an easy way to make more people aware of your business. If someone is visiting your profile ,make it attractive enough to grab people’s attention so that they view your website and hence your business grows and the number of followers too.
  • You must also use a range of hash tags so that when people search with hash tags your post appears on their profile. If you want more people to discover you then have proper research on hash tags and use the researched ones which are relevant to your post, otherwise, if you are using very popular hash tags you will defiantly be facing a lot of competition.
  •  Focus on quality instead focus on quality, 7-8 hash tags are enough as long as they are good ones. The target audience is very important and plays an important role.
  • Make sure you have the right target audience who will pay attention to what you are providing for e.g if you are a makeup artist then target people who love makeup, want to learn about it which are mostly girls, and women.
  • Always like, comment on instagram account posts which are similar to yours because it will help you to get more exposure and people can see you and follow you as well. You can always use other platforms to promote your Instagram account, channels that can be used are such as Facebook, snapchat, timbler, youtube etc.
  • Also, tagging and geolocation is a popular method to get an organic follower. You can tag people in the captions if you are working in collaboration with any company certain brand. Also if you are sharing someone’s content you can tag them in your captions which means that people can go to their profiles and explore them. You need to post and share their content with their consent and in return ask them to do the same for you.
  • People are always looking for interesting things which are fun and new. You can post stories on your account by editing them a little or we can say by using different features that instagram provides. You can use stickers, filters, captions, writing styles and much more to make your stories appealing.
  •  Apart from that giving shout outs and sharing someone content once in a while, it must be of a person who promises to do the same in return and must have the same target audience to some extent can help you to get more audiences

Mother slave method

Instagram growth
Instagram growth

This is another popular method which can be used to increase the followers naturally and safely. The mother account is the account that needs to grow and get original followers as much as possible. The slave accounts are those who work to get the mother account followers and do all the work to promote it. They share the content, videos, post, tag in the post, tag in the captions and much more from the mother account so that people get to know about it more. Also, the slave account can post content that is relevant to what the mother’s account is providing. For example, if the mother’s account is a makeup seller, the slave account can post pictures of different makeup products all over the instagram.   

Follow/unfollow method

This is another method. Mainly what happens is that people follow a lot of accounts, basically to get the followers, because if you will follow someone then people will also follow back, and then after some time they unfollow those accounts, even if the person whom they have followed has followed them or not, they will still unfollow them after a certain period. The sole purpose of the following is to make people back. This is a safe and authentic means of getting original followers. 

Why you should not buy fake followers 

 Fake followers are of no use. The instagram has been updating its policies continuously and recently according to a new policy t removes the likes and comments and even followers which are for the sole purpose of artificially growing the followers for any account. The engagement is very important because the follower to engagement ratio determines where your post will come on the follower’s news feed or not. If the followers are fake that means there is not going to be nay engagement as it is supposed to be leading to less possibility of your post being seen by more people. Also if you are purchasing the followers then they may be active for some time however in the long term they wont be active and engagement wont be as much as required because they are not real and you are not buying them to increase the number of people following your account.

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