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Traveling with Friends
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Traveling makes a person better and way too cooler than he was before traveling. Traveling makes a person better and well-rounded person. Traveling makes you more confident and social, you learn the art of better conversations, it teaches you to be more adaptable and easy going.  Traveling alone is a great experience but traveling with friends is a lifetime experience. We all have learned that “a friend in need is a friend indeed!” Yes friends are great and a fantastic source of inspiration and fun. With friends, you are always up to explore new areas and ideas. It is always more entertaining when you are exploring new areas and ideas with your friends, big laughter attacks, those moments and much valued and memorable. Traveling with friends or group of people makes your bond stronger and obviously you have plenty of entertainment with you. One thing is for sure, after a long trip if your friendship survives and remains unimpaired then undoubtedly it’s real!

Group of friends
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In order to keep things and your trip interesting, entertaining and crisp there are some tips for group activities which will keep the group unite and full of fun.
Accommodations – If you are planning to go on a long tour, always go for hostel accommodations for cheaper rates. Spending quality time with your friends and exploring destinations is the main idea of the traveling. So spending a handsome amount of money on hotel accommodations would not make any difference, it is only going to cost you more.

Responsible – There should be a responsible person in the group who has to be a responsible for collection of money and spending it.

Nightlife –
If you are traveling in the area where there is nightlife to enjoy, then this is your chance to break the ice with the people who you don’t know earlier. People normally get relax after spending some time and chatting with each other. This kind of bonding usually create happy memories which you will cherish lifetime.

Hiking – Discovering nature, exploring natural surroundings – hike is the best way to bring people closer; as they need support of one another’s and has to keep everyone’s spirits high during hard parts of hiking.

Cooking with friends
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Food and Cooking – It is old saying that, food helps to bring people close, secondly it is the best way to explore ins and outs of the destination. People also prepare their meals which is the great source of fun. It’s like group activity and they can also enjoy authentic cuisine and each other’s company.

Games – It is always smart to have some fun games with your friends in the hour of downtime. Few suggestions are I Spy, Hang-Man, Who am I?, 21 Questions, it is always cool and entertaining to have a deck of cards. Cards are handy and many people can play at the same time.

Tour Guide – It is better to hire a tour guide to make your trip more fun and excited. Tour guide helps you to schedule your trip and makes it worth of your time. Secondly they can handle the language and can do bargaining. Local tour guides have all the knowledge and provide you the best insider information of the destination. They can take you to the places otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get their on your own.

Choose your Destinations wisely – When you are planning to go on a trip with a group of your friends, it’s always smart to choose the destinations with more activities and fun spots. The more activities your groups would be involved in, the more you will enjoy your trip. And yes the more memories will be made in that particular tour.

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Perks of Group Tour

  • There’s always a person in a group who is smarter than everyone which will find you the cheapest accommodations and finding yummiest yet inexpensive food and drink.
  • When you are traveling you are going to make new friends, there is a lot of chit chatting with new people.
  • There is always a surprise incident in a trip, having your friend at your back will always help you to overcome with it easily and in a fun way.
  • Friends are the source of reassurance of your parents. Your parents are at mind of peace when they know that you are going with reliable company into the wide world. Your parents can have your friends phone numbers, they have the source to contact you even if your battery is down.
  • There is always a deep sleeper and an early riser in the group. So traveling with an early riser would definitely save you if you can’t get up on your own easily. Early risers are like mommy of the group.
  • When you are travelling in a group, there is always a high chance of getting discounts. People offer services at cheaper rates. So next time plan your trip with some of your friends!skyscrapers
  • Last but not the least; the utmost advantage of traveling with friends is you have your personal photographer with you. And these beautiful moments captured in photographs will always revive your sweet memories.


advantages of friends
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In order to have some epic time with your friends, we have made a list for your best solo trip to travel with friends/group to have an awesome time with your pals. We have categorized some of the places according to specific reasons. So ready your backpack to have an amazing trip.

Europe Traveling


“Ibiza sells itself!” – Ibiza is an exotic island of Spain, sand and sun. One of the hottest destinations to go with your pals is Ibiza. Ibiza has spectacular coasts and beaches, which are long and exotic place to walk and explore; approximately 210 kilometer of beauty. Ibiza contains huge amount of bars and clubs. Ibiza provides personal coves in the bars where people enjoy the mesmerizing and magical sunset. Ibiza is island of clear blue water with endless view of beautiful clear sky. After having lots of fun in the beach, people go for snorkeling and kayaking. Although Ibiza is known for partying but it is a coolest destination for relaxation activities like hiking the hills and coves.

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Things to do in Ibiza

There is plenty of stuff to do in Ibiza

  • Finding hidden beaches of Ibiza’s islands
  • There is a lot Ibiza offers to the tourists, you can visit captivating towns and historic building
  • Wandering in charming towns of Ibiza and find the seductive landscapes
  • Disconnect from the world and sink in the beauty of sunset
  • Enjoy the beach nightlife with your pals
  • Hike the spectacular hills and lost in the ravishing snorkeling


Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca – an astonished island in Spain. It offers ravishing crystalline beaches to the countless number of tourists. Palma de Mallorca is popular for water sports, you can go to visit the beach or just get relax by sitting on beach. It’s a best destination to split the group of friends in different activities. In summers there are different festivals which offer different festivities and activities to the tourists.

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Things to do in Palma de Mallorca

Astonishing island offers you

  • Living outside and eating the yummiest food
  • Sunshine and pleasant temperatures
  • Stunning outside activities like Canyoning, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, Jet boating etc.
  • Popular activities Fly board, Hover board, Jet Skiing, Rock climbing, Hiking/Trekking and last but not the least Hot Air Ballooning


Amsterdam a popular city of Netherlands is yet another best destination and the safest place to travel with friends. Amsterdam not only offers bars, discos and coffee shops but it’s a wonderful place culturally and an amazing place for cooking and eating delights. Yes, one of the best way to bring people together! Beers and Pubs are the most famous spots in Amsterdam.
The beautiful streams of canals, a route of 400 km for cycling and stunning views will leave you breathless. It’s one of the greatest spots for bicyclers to amuse themselves with canal and lost in the skeptical view of the city.  In the city of canals, people go for a boat or Kayak ride.

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Things to do in Amsterdam
Culturally rich country with inspiring landscapes, offers a lot for tourists

  • Tourists can explore city on the bicycle ride
  • Have an old-fashioned but the most tastiest coffee of the world
  • Visit museums. Van Gogh Museum is a must visit
  • In August, there is Uitmarkt festival, if you are lucky enough to attend it have an entertaining experience of the Dutch music



Helsinki is Finland’s capital, popular for its ravishing central railway station which was designed by Eliel Saarinen. You can literally spend your whole day checking out the exotic shops and outlets, passing through the halls of the Art Museum known as Kiasma. National Museum of Helsinki is the most amazing spot to visit; the museum contains all the history of Finland from Stone Age to the current era. A famous church, Temppeliaukio Kirkko was built in 1969. Its an underground church carved with bedrock. There are also Ferries which carry the tourists to the islands, an 18th-century sea fortress named as Suomenlinna, traditional wood building an open-air museum Seurasaari. Sightseeing cruising around archipelago, ships also departs from Estonia, Russia and Sweden.

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Things to do in Helsinki
Helsinki is definitely worth the stop!

  • Sleek Public Sauna
  • Dining at various spots
  • Public Market
  • Art Museums
  • Church and
  • National Parks
  • Islands
  • Cruising

International Destinations

Rivera Maya
Rivera Maya a stunning city of Mexico, is another hottest place to pay a visit with friends. Rivera Maya is the destination of excellent landscapes and magnificent resorts that offers tourists a huge list of activities from trekking and climbing high mountains to canyoning. Rivera Maya is worth visiting for its startling beaches and stunning natural parks.
Tropical rain forests and wet coast-lands of Mexico are like paradise for tropical plants and evasive animal species like jaguars and quetzal birds.

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Things to do in Rivera Maya
For people who wants activities jammed holidays

  • Art galleries and theaters
  • Witnessing Bullfighting
  • Sandy beaches and crystal clear water
  • Exotic Landscapes
  • Trekking and Canyoning


Have you ever dream of going on safari? Sleeping in middle of the desert? Discovering old traditions? Touching a baobab tree? Meeting heartwarming people? Then there is an exotic city Marrakech which is situated in Morocco. Marrakech is a must visit place when you are traveling with friends because Marrakech offers a hell a lot of activities for its tourists from local market where tourists bargain the price, to travel to the amazing and astonishing Ouzoud Falls and don’t miss the chance to spent the night under clear sky and stars in the Sahara Desert. Marrakech is a city of total discovery and amazement.

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Things to do in Marrakech
Magical Marrakech has mesmerizing nights, it offers

  • Watch stars and clear sky
  • Landscapes with beauty of fauna and flora
  • Delightful Cuisines
  • Heartwarming traditions and culture
  • Local market
  • Desert, Safari, Baobab trees



People who live far away from Europe and don’t have enough time to pay a visit to European countries don’t have to worry because we have European vibe charming city in North America named Montreal. Montreal is the safest place to visit with your fellas. Montreal is city of Canada, which offers historic districts filled with sleek outlets, restaurants and shops. Foodies are going to love this place for it offers yummiest food; you can pick bite sized snacks from anywhere and get going to roam around the city and then have a big buffet meal of your choice. Tourists will going to love nightlife spots in Montreal, go and visit Jean-Talon one of the most popular and oldest market in Montreal. The best way to explore Montreal is on foot. Montreal is also known for the amazing Museums, the most renowned one is Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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Things to do in Montreal
Montreal is a big, happy, busy but thrilling city! Prepare yourself to get few surprises from the exhilarating city

  • Weave through skyscrapers and see most amazing museums
  • Explore underground city, loaded with restaurants, shops and cinemas
  • Get amused by Historic Old Montreal
  • In Summers, Go to mesmerizing islands of Montreal
  • Summers activities: water skiing and rowing



Havana is the capital of Cuba – magical portrait of 1950’s Chevys, salsa, cigars, and deteriorated architect of colonial. Havana is considered to the safest destination to travel with friends. It’s an awesome spot of artisan shops and road side restaurants. Tourism in Cuba is the main source of revenue of this epic island; over 4.5million revenue has been generated as of 2017. Cuba has been always a favorite spot for beaches, colonial architect, cultural history and favorable climate.

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Things to do in Havana
A city trapped in time, one is amazed by the beautiful Havana

  • Colonial-era reconstruction with a backdrop of irresistible colors
  • Salsa Dances and Old Havana
  • Open-air bazaars
  • Artisan shops
  • Roadside restaurants
  • Nightlife partying
  • Walk in border of Ocean
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Have you ever imagined that how traveling can indulge various qualities in a single person. Yes you can have a lot of qualities by just traveling; you can be confident, smart, fun loving, social, outgoing and adaptable. These are the qualities which makes people successful in everyday life. Traveling is the source to make people better and learn about the world and people. They say if you want to know about a person, travel with them. So it’s a big chance for you guys to know about your real friends and have the moments of your lifetime.

In traveling don’t be shy to talk to other people, try new things, push your boundaries, you have to become more open and flexible.
So, in coming holidays plan a trip with your pals, pack your bags and get ready to have an awesome experience with your friends. Experiencing some new adventures of life rather sitting at home and wishing to be somewhere exotic with your friends!

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