Get Around London In A Day: A City Of Heritage

London, the most beautiful and an iconic city of the world. London attracts tourists from all over the world not now but since ages. You can never get bored in this great city. Although a day could never be enough to spend in London but still for any reason you find only 24hours to spend in this amazing city then this article will help you how you can plan the day and make the most out of these 24 hours. Having such a short span of time in London would definitely be tiring but it is not impossible to cover almost all of the top sights. This article is a detailed guide about what to do when you are in London for a day.



Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is the most popular bridge in London. Sometime Tower Bridge is mistakenly called as London Bridge, but both the bridges are opposite and close to each other. One can see Tower Bridge while standing at London Bridge and vise versa. London Bridge is really a simple bridge and Tower Bridge is designed very artistically. Tower Bridge has two towers at the ends of the bridge which are floodlit at night that gives an astonishing look and atmosphere. This is one of the most attractive sights in the whole London city. You can walk over the bridge and you are lucky if you would be able to see the bridge lift. Tower Bridge is the only Bridge that gives ships the passage underneath, it gives a spectacular view when it opens its bascule. There gets a pin drop silence among the crowd as everyone is so indulge in watching this amazing view.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge with open bascule

The tower on the south of the bridge contains a museum with the other things, you need to buy passes to visit the museum. There are two paths first path connects the one end of the tower bridge with London Bridge and the other path connects the other ends of the two bridges. You can walk along River Thames while on the south bank you will find popular and beautiful Hay’s Gallery where you can eat and shop, there are also bars and cinemas. On the north bank of Thames River there is a beautiful historical castle called Fortress of the Tower of London.



Madame Tussaud
Madame Tussaud

London’s main entertainment is Madam Tussaud, a wax museum where you can find 300 wax figures of famous celebrities from all over the world. This Museum gives the chance to see your favorite faces from close. It offers 15 different exciting zones and tremendous extra activities. For each extra activity you need to buy a ticket like Sherlock Holmes they take you to the area with other peoples where you have to solve the mystery. You can also enjoy the horror activities where they make you walk through the horrifying rooms. More you can make your hands sculpture, experience the 4D movie and at last they give you a ride taking their guests through London history. It’s a walk through attraction so there is no time limit for your tour and you can spend as much time as you want. It takes almost 2 to 3 hours to see Madame Tussaud and enjoy all activities in the Museum. But it depends on choosing a day even because on some days there is a long queue at the entrance and too much crowd in the museum.


Madame Tussaud From inside
Madame Tussaud From inside


London eye is an emblematic icon of London and the highest viewing point is located on the South Bank of Thames River. London Eye is a tallest horizontal beam observation wheel, tourist’s most famous and visited attraction in London. On average 3.75 million visitors is received by London eye  annually, more than even the Great Pyramids of Giza and Taj Mahal. This magnificent structure is made up of 32 capsules which represent 32 London’s territory divisions. London eye can hold 800 people in each rotation and 25 people in one glass capsules. This could be compared to 11 double decker buses which can also carry almost 800 people.

London Eye

Wheel rotates constantly and slowly so that visitors can easily get on and off the wheel. It takes around 30 minutes to complete one ride. London Eye gives a spectacular wide view of the whole city and its beautiful surroundings. On a clear sunny day you can see 40 kilometer away as far as Windsor Castle while a ride on London Eye. Ride on London Eye includes a short film about London in three dimensions. Sometimes there are long queues out at the entry and you have to wait for your turn for hours especially in summer and spring. So if you want to really enjoy the ride and view from the London Eye and don’t want to stand in queue for hours then you should definitely buy a skip the line ticket. In the month of December it is all lit fully because it’s charismas month and events are also going in its surrounding, people can enjoy the ride and as well as the other events. A surprising fact about London Eye is that there are only 32 capsules but they are numbered from 1 to 33 because of some superstitious reasons number 13 is missing.



Trafalgar Square
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Trafalgar square is located in Central London, the most vibrant place of London. It is a public square, area around which it was built was previously known as Charing Cross. Its name is in the honor of the Battle of Trafalgar. Trafalgar square is a remarkable landmark of London. Trafalgar square is confined by museums, cultural spaces, galleries and historical buildings. Four lions guards Nelson’s Column placed in the middle of these four lions 169 foot tall. A number of honorable statue and shapes engage the square. There are four footstalls for statues in the Trafalgar Square. On three of them bronze statues are standing:

  • In Southeast: Major General Sir Henry Havelock
  • In Southwest: General Sir James Napier
  • In Northeast: King George

Nelson’s Column is inspected after every two year for its condition. Recently it was found that it is in good condition. But repairing of the stonework, protecting the bronze with wax, cleaning different areas of corrosion and pigeon guano’s cleaning is a routine process. There are fountains in the square, the mermaids, tritons and dolphins, fountains are working in most days. You can find the smallest police box in the southeast corner. Telephone was installed by Scotland Yard which police used to call their assistance, now its is only a storage. There is a Cafe on the Square, imperial actions were taken into north terrace wall and if you want to get information about them you can take from outside the Square’s cafe.

Chinese New Year at Trafalgar Square
Chinese New Year at Trafalgar Square

The square is used for many purposes like political demonstration, community gatherings, Blood Sunday, closing of first Aldermaston March, Chinese New Year celebrations, campaigns against change of climate, anti-war protest. Norway donated a Christmas tree to Trafalgar square in 1947 and it is bolt upright for twelve days before Christmas Day and stay there for twelve days even after Christmas ends. As the square is in the  center of the City many annual and other celebrations are hosted here like cultural celebrations, New year’s Eve, commercial events, filming, demonstrations, rallies and photographic shoots.  Square was also famous for its wild pigeon.



Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was built in 1703, an official residence of queen in London and the only Royal Place in the world that is still working. Queen also spends her time at Balmoral and Windsor Castle. Buckingham Palace is a highlight spot for every visitor. Changing of the guards is world’s famous attraction of Buckingham Palace. Changing of the guards lasts for about 45 minutes; it is an eye-catching display of British glory. Gardens of the Palace are absolutely stunning covering 39 acres area, 200 trees and 350 types of wild flowers are planted. Staircase is the most popular part of Buckingham Palace, decorated exquisitely and in luxurious way. Queen’s Gallery is definitely an entertainment for art lovers; there are 450 impressive works from Royal Collections in rotating display. There is a throne room called majestic and it deserves its name, gorgeously decked out used for ceremonies and can also be used as ball room.



Big Ben
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The third largest four faced clock tower in the world which is standing free, located at the north eastern end of the Westminster Palace. This is one of the most popular tourist’s attraction and landmark of London. The bell hung in the clock tower is the major attractive thing in it, people visit there not only to see Big Ben but to hear the chiming bell of the clock. Clock is known for its precision and reliability. Clock rarely stopped, but now it’s in the process of getting cleaned so it’s stopped for four years. People got sad that they could not be able to hear the bell for four years. General public could not visit in the Big Ben but can see from its surroundings and can hear the bell. It is so fascinating especially at night when it is all illuminated.


The Shard
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Tallest building of United Kingdom is The Shard with 95 stories. It has a walking distance from Tower Bridge; it is visible from all over London not because of its height but because of its different shape. It is a new construction for offices,it was not designed to be but it became one of tourist attraction. The building opens at 10am and closes at 10pm so you may get time in 24 hours to visit this building from where you can see 360degree views all over London. You would need a pass of 30pounds to visit this building or if you buy a London pass then you can visit for free.


This plan is for you! If you are in London for just a day this article would help you in spending sensible 24hours in London. We had a look at some of the most liked sights in London. This article is a must read when visiting London especially for a day only. This will guide you how you can make an absolute day exploring London.


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