Some people in this world eat to live, but some live to eat. Which one are you? You count your time is meal or in days? If your snap-chats stories and Instagram posts are full of food pictures and videos then you definitely need to know about some amazing and delicious dishes.

Every nation has some traditional food that tells its history, passion, creativity and provides many rituals a base. Food is simply a glory. There is no better reason to travel than food. Food provides an enjoyable window for travelers that can make destination great.

So whether you are foodie of non-foodie you should check this list of brilliant cuisines and great dishes of Asia.


It is considered as one of the most famous cuisines in the world. Indian cuisine has diversity in food as it has diversity in language, culture and customs. There are four main parts in which Indian cuisine is divided.

  • Northern
  • Southern
  • Eastern
  • Western
  • Some of the famous dishes of this cuisine are:

Masala dosa, India

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Masala dosa is a crispy crepe made up of rice batter encages a spicy mixture of mashed potatoes. This crepe with this mixture is enjoyed with a coconut sauce (chutney), sauce prepared in tomatoes and lentils, pickles and other condiments. It is a full-filling amazing breakfast.

Butter chicken

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It is cooked in tandoor, can be grilled, pan fried or roasted. It needs less preparation: by making its gravy first, heating fresh tomatoes, cardamom and garlic, when it is turned into a bright red pulp then add some butter, fresh cream and other various spices including cumin, asafetida, coriander and much more.

Paav Bhaaji

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It is a western Indian dish. In Bombay it is very famous, you can find it easily on road-sides on stalls. The thick bhaaji is made from potatoes puree, cauliflower, chopped onion, peas, garlic, peas and spices then is served with mint chutney and bun bread called pav. It is a healthy food.


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Another Indian mild food that really tastes good is idli, a Gujrati dish. It is made of rice and lentilsz batter

. It is a breakfast for south Indians and served with soup called Sambar made up of tamarind, mixed vegetable, herbs and spices. Idli can also be served with coconut chutney or honey.  It is a healthy food.


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It is a gram flour spongy snack which is steamed, it is a nutritious Gujrati dish, but it is popular all over the India. It is sometimes eaten in breakfast with chutney of mint and tamarind.



It is one of the diverse cuisines in the world. It is cherished all over the world. Indonesian cuisine reflects the influence of India, Middle East, Spain, China, Japan and Portugal. The flavorsome food uses spices, peanuts, satay and coconuts in an ample amount.

Some of Mouth-watering dishes of Indonesian cuisine are:

Rendang, Indonesia

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Rendang is dish made of beef which is simmered with mixture of galangal, lemongrass, garlic, ginger, chilies and turmeric and with coconut milk also. After simmering then beef is left for few hours but people say that it gets tastier when left overnight.


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Indonesian food is mostly served with peanuts sauces, Indonesians have to do something with peanuts sauce in there food. Siomy have dumplings of steamed fish. In restaurants or in streets Siomay is served with cabbage, egg and potatoes served with peanut sauce. For Siomay, Street food is the best place or you can even try bicycle vendor.

Sweet Martabak

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Martabak is one of the favorite sweet dishes of Indonesia. It is known that Martabak is an Indonesian way to prepare a pancake. A strange fact about this sweet dish is you can eat Martabak in evenings only. You can take mix fillings of your choice that can be of cheese, chocolate, and peanuts.



You have must had fried-rice, noodles and Manchurian at any restaurant in your city. But once you have tasted the real Chinese food you will never like the one near you. Real Chinese food is simply amazing, it taste so rich, less expensive and light in eating.

Peking duck, China

Peking duck
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Duck’s skin is coated in maltose-syrup and then roasted at a low flame in an oven to make it crispy. Duck’s skin is so tasty that people like to eat skin more than its meat. Peking duck is eaten with pancakes, hoisin and onions.

Chow Mein

Chow Mein
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Chow mein is a dish of noodles, in which noodles are boiled in water and then they are stir fried. These stir fried noodles in soy sauce usually have onions, celery and meat; meat could be of any type like chicken, shrimp, beef or pork. There are many kinds of noodles used in chow mein including flat noodle, rice noodles, fine noodles, filleted noodles, silk noodles and sliced noodles and even more.

Kung Pao Chicken

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It’s a famous dish among Chinese and even foreigners, Sichuan-style-specialty. Main ingredients used to prepare this dish are dried chili, diced chicken and fried peanuts. In western countries they have created their own type of kungpao chicken, in which chicken is covered with cornstarch and vegetables are also added in it.


Japan offers fewer dishes but has a wonderful taste that pleases whole world. Japanese cuisine mostly has soup, noodles, meat, sushi and tofu in meals. Japanese food is low in fat and always easy to digest. Japanese chefs are very fond of creating new dishes from the old recipes. Though nothing can replace the old dish but they try to create something tasty.

Ohmi-gyu beef steak, Japan

Ohmi Wagyu Beef Steak
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This is very Royal dish of Japanese invented by Japan’s Imperial Palace, at that time almost 400 years ago biggest beef stock was raised. Ohmi-gyu beef steak is eaten in sashimi style usually, consecrated with little bit of green tea salt and kaffir lime. Some of the main ingredients used in Ohmi-gyu beef steak are lemon juice, beef, onions, garlic, soy sauce and peppers.

Sushi, Japan

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When Japan wants to do something great and right it really could. Whenever Japanese tried to build something creative and different they always succeeded. They invented so many things but nothing was difficult than rice and raw fish. Suchi is a name of Japanese invention in food which is now famous all over the world in which rice and raw fish are put together. Rice is cooked in cooker separately. Cream cheese, soy sauce and avocado are used to prepare this tasty dish. Sushi is good for people that can eat raw fish or half cooked fish.


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Tampura is a famous Japanese dish which is prepared from fish, vegetable or any seafood. Tampura is prepared in a unique way, especially in the way the ingredients are cut. The batter is prepared in which that anything of the choice can be marinated. Batter is prepared from eggs, all-purpose flour and cold water. This batter is ice cold and oil is really hot and the pieces which were marinated are deep fried. Every piece is so crispy and is eaten with a tasty dipping sauce.



Many people are mistaken that Thai cuisine and Chinese cuisine are the same because main part of both cuisines are rice. Thai cuisine is a perfect blend of bitter, sweet, sour and salty flavors. Thai dishes are usually less spicy.

Tom yum goong, Thailand

A Thai master piece with mushrooms, tomatoes, shrimps, galangal, lemongrass, and leaves of kaffir lime. Tom yum goong soup is usually topped with cream and milk. It is tasty and cheap food.

Som tam, Thailand

Som Tom
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Som tam is most popular salad of Thailand, to prepare Som tam you need garlic, chilies, pestle and mortar, tossed in tomatoes, lime juice, tamarind juice, fish sauce, dried shrimp and many more sauces. It is severed with sticky rice.

Massaman curry, Thailand

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Massaman is absolutely the best curry among all the curries. It is very sweet, spicy, savory and coconut curry. Even the sauce for making Massaman you buy from market give you a perfect taste, it is then served with rice. Thailand is a place where you can get so delicious food in every street corner.



Pakistani cuisine is a famous cuisine and mixture of spicy, salted, sweet and sour food. This cuisine has a verity of food which is classified in four categories according to provinces.





Some amazing dishes of Pakistan known all over the world are:

Seeji, Seiji & Dum Pukht

Seeji and Dum Pukht
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Dum Pukht and saji are two special and famous Baluchi dishes all over the country. These both dishes are almost of same type because both are made by skewing whole lamb’s meat in one piece and grilling from all sides which makes it different. Difference in saji and dampukht is dampukht includes fats in it.

Biryani and Pulao

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Biryani and pulao are essential dishes of Pakistani cuisine without which meal is not complete. It is made of rice and meat, both dishes are of same category but slightly different. Biryani is of various types but basically spicy in nature e.g Sindhi Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Chicken biryani and more  whereas pulao vary region to region in taste but it is not spicy and it is cooked in soup, if it is chicken pulao it is cooked in chicken soup and if it is mutton pullao then it is cooked in mutton soup.

Chicken Malai Boti

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Chicken boties(pieces) are marinated in malai(cream) along with spices. The marinated meat is then barbecued until fully cooked. It is a favorite dish of People of Karachi. Spices used are chili peppers, garlic powder, coriander powder, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder and many more.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka
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Chicken Tikka is a Punjabi dish. Chicken tikka is prepared by marinating meat of chicken with yoghurt and spices, putting it on skewers and then cooking it on fire. It is not boneless it is a piece of chicken with bone eaten with nan or roti and chutnies.


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It is actually a famous drink of Punjab but liked all over the country. This drink might be cherished sweet or salty. Pakistani like selfish lassi with the meal otherwise sweet lassi is preferred. It is made of yogurt with adding some water and salt or sugar and stirring it well.


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Kheer is a popular traditional dessert of Punjab Pakistan. It is made up of rice, milk and sugar. Rice are boiled then milk and sugar is added and left on stove to cook. While cooking, nuts can also be added like pistachios, almonds and anything of your choice, Cardamom saffron can also be added for an alluring ting.


Food is necessary in every aspect of life, wherever you may go or whatever you do. It is a need of body but for some people it is way of enjoyment. Hope you can get generous amount of information about different cuisines and variety of dishes that can help you in your decision making.

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